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Makhlouf Haddadin Award For Outstanding Chemistry Undergraduate Student

​​This award is given at the end of each academic year to a graduating senior chemistry student who has demonstrated research capabilities through a paper or project and has an excellent academic record.

List of students who won this award since 2011:

  • William Abi Antun Abi Khalil​ (2018)
  • Nour Khaled Younis (2017)
  • Hassan Hussam Fakih (2016)
  • Nadine Talal Al Homsi (2015)
  • Maya Elias Damien (2014)
  • Ghida Abdallah Al Akhrass (2013)
  • Rana Tahseen El-Jarrah (2012)
  • Habib Hassan Baydoun (2011)

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