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A weekly electronic newsletter designed and prepared by the Office of Communications at AUB and sent to all AUB users and e-newsletter subscribers every Monday morning (+20,000 users).

To subscribe, send an email to: with the word "subscribe" in the body of an empty plain text message. Active AUB users should not subscribe since they receive the e-newsletter automatically.

To advertise your event, send an email to: before 4:30 pm on Thursdays during winter hours and before 2:30 pm on Thursdays during summer hours (if Thursday is a holiday, then the last working day before Thursday is the deadline). The e-newsletter is sent occasionally during Winter and Summer vacations. First come, first serve basis apply as there is a limit for how many announcements can be sent per week. Each department gets only one spot per week.

(Click on the date of the e-newsletter to download it in PDF)


E-newsletter archives for 2016-17

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E-Newsletter archives for 2012-13

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E-Newsletter archives for 2010-11

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