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Strategic Marketing

"One of the most important functions that any marketing organization should be tasked with concerns strategy. Strategy, being quite distinct from tactics, concerns the choices and tradeoffs that an institution makes… The strategy is responsible for defining and communicating the institution’s core brand and relevant attributes to external constituents." 

Michael E. Porter, 1998

As the number and quality of higher education institutions continue to increase throughout the broader Middle East, it remains vital for AUB to uniquely define its core brand and communicate it with a greater degree of pervasiveness and consistency across various marketing mediums. In this respect, the Office of Communications is actively involved in monitoring external trends impacting higher education in the broader region. The ability for AUB to attract academically gifted students beyond Lebanon requires the institution to position itself in advantageous ways vis-à-vis regional alternatives. To that effect, the Office of Communications works to identify the institution’s strategic differentiators and actively promote them. The following illustration depicts AUB’s strategic marketing process:



For assistance with strategic marketing and communications, please contact:

Martin Asser
Associate Vice President for Communications
Extension: 2674 (Building 42, Room 208)
Email address:

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