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Social Media General Guidelines
  • Seek approval from your director/supervisor:
    • When creating an official social media presence for your department
    • When sharing information and pictures related to your department
    • When answering requests/questions on social media pertaining to your department
  • If you make a mistake, admit it. Be upfront and be quick with your correction.
  • Respect your audience
  • Monitor and reply to comments
  • Delete spam and/or comments that are off-topic
  • Be accurate
  • Be timely: assign an administrator who can regularly monitor postings and content. Aim for standard times for postings and updates.
  • Link back to the university social media outlets and websites
  • Make the official social media presence of your department accessible to designated staff with a departmental email address to access the social media accounts.
  • Include in the official name of your social media page/group/account the initials of the University “AUB.”
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