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Social Media

Definition of Social Media

Social media refers to the use of online applications that allow users to interact with each other in various online communities in a public manner. It is a form of communication that produces various one-to-many conversations and exchanges user-generated content. Social media can take many forms and relate to different applications. Social media applications related to communications include blogging, micro-blogging sites like Twitter, and applications such as Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. There are collaborative applications related to social media as well. Popular collaborative applications include Wikis and the management of collaborative content on Multimedia forms of social media include applications that allow users to share creative and multimedia content generated by users. Examples include Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, MySpace, and iTunes for podcasting.

Objectives of Social Media

With the emergence of social media and its ever growing use by AUB’s most important constituents, including prospective and current students in particular, it has become increasingly important to develop a social media presence for the University. Many of the best universities in the United States are embracing social media technologies as means to communicate with various constituents and collect information and intelligence about the institution and perceptions associated with it. For AUB, the objective of social media is to communicate ideas and information through new media applications. Social media allows the University to collect, synthesize and analyze information, perceptions and discussions about the University in ways that are actionable and constructive. By using online social media applications, the University is better positioned to extend its brand and presence online and in mediums that students, faculty, and alumni already use extensively. A significant part of the University’s social media presence is to enable a free flow of ideas, communications, and inquiries among diverse audiences including current students, prospective students, faculty, admissions staff, communications professionals, AUB’s senior administration, patients, and other members of the AUB community or the broader public.

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