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E6 slide processing and printing
Slide film processing using the best archival products to ensure the best possible processing quality.




Black and white development and printing
Darkroom work the classic way



Digital printing
Dye sublimation and ink jet prints up to 20x30 cm (8x10”) and on chemical processor up to 80x120 cm (32x40”).




Films and print to CD
CDs are reliable and durable allowing for archiving of images and to future-proof your archive with no loss of quality or information.



Digital image restoration
Old or damaged prints can be restored by professional scanning and retouching




Professional scanning
Scanning of all formats of films, books and prints, x-rays and gels (transmittance scanner).




Slide duplication
Slide reproduction and creating slides from prints, books, negatives, and computer files.



Using 35mm, 120 mm, 4x5 inch and digital equipment for medical photography, events, interiors, architectural perspectives, portrait, objects and products.

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