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The 1866 Society

Named for the year the University was founded, the 1866 Society honors an exclusive group of generous donors who have given any amount consistently, for at least seven out of the last ten years. These donors include faculty, staff, alumni, students, parents, and friends. Consistent giving is central to AUB’s mission. It allows us to rely on funds being available for such crucial areas as financial aid, campus enhancement, and research. Furthermore, it enables us to plan for the future with confidence, to build our programs and continue to broaden our impact in the world.

The members of the 1866 Society are at the heart of what makes AUB an enduring and unique institution. They embody the loyalty that AUB inspires, and its importance in the region. They believe in what AUB does, and the values that it promotes. AUB will hold an annual reception to honor members and to thank them for their commitment.

A pin is awarded at every milestone. In addition to highlighting their consistency, milestones reflect the total number of years donors have contributed to AUB (note that past the 10 year bracket, number of remaining giving years -going back to first gift - is tacked on regardless of the consistency). The breakdown is as follows:


  • 7-9 years: Bronze pin
  • 10-14 years: Silver Pin
  • 15-20 years: Gold pin
  • 21+ years: Platinum Pin


The 1866 Society Logo
The 1866 Society Logo

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