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​Dr. Elton Trueblood once said:
“It takes a noble man to ​plant a seed for a tree
that will someday give shade to people he may never meet.”

AUB students are blessed with many generous men and women who donate to scholarship aid, making it possible for them to embark on life changing journeys.

Here are some of their incredible stories:

What inspired me to major in nursing is my passion to help patients in their time of need. I want to be a reliable nurse who is confident of his skills and ability to stay on top of every possible medical situation. This greatly ties in with my dream career which is one in which I am able to brighten the day of another person who is going through a crisis, not only by attending to his/her physical needs, but also their human needs, with empathy and compassion. To me, philanthropy is a blend of charity, belief in the common good, hope, love, and empathy. Though it is usually perceived as rich people giving huge amounts of money, I see philanthropy in volunteering and in every single action that shows a passion for helping others. Everyone has a philanthropist inside them that manifests differently.
The scholarship support I am receiving is enabling me to use my free time to maximize my university experience by taking advantage of service-learning, internship, and volunteer opportunities. It has impacted my education positively by strengthening my learning skills and making me an outstanding candidate for advancement.
Ahmad El Joumaa Nursing
Following my undergraduate studies at OSB, I was inspired to develop a deeper set of analytical and interpersonal skills and to maximize my exposure to research. The skill set that the MBA will provide me with will be effectively leveraged in my current role as a financial consultant.
The MBA experience at AUB is exceeding my expectations so far. I am becoming more equipped to tackle issues with an open mind and a broader intellectual and cultural perspective due to the exposure to a wealth of topics and the valuable interactions with colleagues and professors that this program provides.
I believe that philanthropy is about empowering others to develop their potential. Philanthropy is also about giving someone a chance, an opportunity to believe in one’s dreams, and successfully pursue ambitions and goals.
I consider that philanthropy is also about believing that each one of us can make a difference, building towards change. It is a desire to personally grow by helping others grow as well and leaving the world a better place. I am currently part of the MBA Student Society at AUB, a student organization that provides graduate students with an enriching experience. The society organizes frequent academic and community-oriented events to enhance the value of university life, providing valuable connections and interactions among students.
I know for a fact that it wouldn’t have been possible to enroll in the MBA program at AUB without scholarship support. This support has allowed me to appreciate and make the most out of the interactions, experiences, and knowledge I am currently exposed to whether in the classroom, through the various teaching methods that are used, or with my colleagues. It has allowed me to engage with every experience as a potential learning opportunity, an opportunity for personal growth and excellence.
Joelle Barbar MBA
I have chosen a major that aligns with my dream of going to medical school. Although it is challenging, I will do all it takes to achieve my dream of becoming a medical doctor.  
Philanthropy to me means helping society and its people by donating money, volunteering, and sometimes just showing moral support. It's an important trait because it provides people with opportunities, just like it did for me: it is thanks to philanthropy that I was able to join AUB. Students can play a major role in philanthropy, whether by donating a small amount of money, or extending a helping hand to those in need. 

Studying biology at AUB and becoming an alumnus of this fine institution was my dream. Thanks to the scholarship I received, I am living my dream. Words can't express how happy I am to be here. AUB doesn't just provide an education, it also offers many other facilities that can help a student grow both as a person and academically. Being a recipient of a scholarship encourages me to work harder.
Ali Kaouk Biology Premed
I have joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at AUB where I am following my passion for biomedical robotics. Perhaps the achievement that I am most proud of is winning the robotics competition in the first Lego League Junior Competition which was hosted at AUB. Plenty of opportunities have been opened up to me since I joined AUB. As a current student, I am involved in many clubs that enrich my life such as the Secular Club, the Robotics Club, and the Japanese Student Society.
Philanthropy is a foundation for understanding others, through sacrifice for a greater cause. We at AUB are so fortunate. We are surrounded by philanthropy, from the simple benches to the sophisticated labs. This is a clear sign that AUB’s generous donors understand our needs and want to support us.
A very significant way the scholarship has influenced my life at AUB is by keeping me on the lookout for any opportunity the college has to offer. Being here means making the most out of my time and trying to benefit the university as well. Scholarships don’t come easily, and it’s my responsibility as a recipient to make sure I fully benefit from the opportunity.
Nijad Al Dubayss Mechanical Engineering​

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