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Brave Heart Fund

​The Brave Heart Fund was established in November 2003 by a family whose child was born with congenital heart disease (CHD). Their initiative has inspired volunteers around the world to raise money for the Brave Heart Fund—money that is used to provide assistance to financially needy families whose children suffer from CHD. Thanks to their efforts, dozens of children each year receive the treatment they need at the Children’s Heart Center at the AUB Medical Center. The Brave Heart Fund volunteers also work to promote public awareness of this devastating disease that kills nearly twice as many children each year as do all forms of childhood cancers combined. In September 2016, the BHF reached a historical milestone: 3,000 children saved over the course of 13 years. Read more.


Walid Katergi
Associate Vice President for Development 


Meet a Volunteer

The legendary Brave Heart, AUBMC’s first Patient Fund, is already nine years old.  Dedicated to helping children with congenital heart disease, it was started by Jumana Attallah and Riham Kosta Serhan, whose own children suffered from the condition. With Riham now based in Dubai (and fundraising from there), it is down to Jumana to steer activities in Beirut.  The Brave Heart annual dinner is always a sell out and each year Brave Heart turns out the biggest team in the Beirut Marathon   These two events net an annual average one million dollars but they also help raise the Brave Heart profile – providing life saving treatment to 300 children a year with the help of AUBMC doctors.  “It takes a lot of work and responsibility,” Jumana says, “and having gone through our seven year cycle, with its normal attrition, our committee could do with new volunteers.”  She is looking for people who are able to commit long term and grow (“like we have”), with the work. With one in 100 children at risk from congenital heart disease each year in Lebanon, the case for Brave Heart is compelling.

Brave Heart Fund Co-Founders

Joumana Ghandour Atallah

Dr. Fadi Bitar

Riham Kosta Serhan


Brave Heart Fund Members

Rayane Douaidy Abbas

Shaila Afzal Abou Khalil

Sana Beydoun Akkawi

Dina Chammah Arnaout

Joanna Kassem Debbas

Maya Fouad Fawaz

Samia Hawa

Patricia Jouayed

Raya Mroueh Kombarji

Theresa Mansour

Diane Daccache Mecattaf

Mona Hakim Mroueh

Stephanie Moghabghab Rizk

Maha Saadeh


Brave Heart Fund Administrators

Reem Khalifeh Chaarani

Amal Jawad

Brave Heart Fund
Brave Heart Fund

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