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AUB Scholarship Fundraising Committee

The AUB Scholarship Fundraising Committee is a dedicated group of alumni and friends who raise funds to support the financial aid program at the American University of Beirut. The current committee, chaired by Mohammad Shatila, includes prominent alumni and members of the community. 

The AUB Scholarship Fundraising Committee was formed in February 2000. Prior to that it was known as the College Hall Fundraising Committee and spent several years soliciting funds for the reconstruction of College Hall. Once the building was completed, the committee decided to mobilize its efforts to support one of AUB’s top fundraising priorities: its financial aid program.

Committee members believe that academically-qualified students of modest means should be given the chance to experience the high quality education that AUB offers all of its students. Through the ongoing support of dedicated alumni and friends, AUB has been able to steadily build its financial aid program, which is at the heart of the University’s mission to be an equal-opportunity institution of higher learning. 



 Imad B. Baalbaki
Vice President for Advancement


Meet a Volunteer 

Mohammad Shatila is a man with a plan!  As Head of the AUB Scholarship Fundraising Committee, he is determined to double the Fund’s annual income to half a million dollars. Shatila has a track record of upping the ante having pulled off a series of special events since he joined the Fund in 2005.  The most spectacular to date was the sell out concert with Magida el Roumi on the Greenfield in 2009. Capitalizing on this success, Shatila wants to establish a regular AUB International Festival featuring high profile performers on campus as a way of raising both the income and the profile of the Scholarship Fund.  He’s also working towards an annual, not-to-be missed, save the day dinner that will become a must in every significant diary in the country; and he is keen to launch an AUB Credit Card with points awarded to the Scholarship Fund.  Last but not least, he wants pro-active volunteers, other movers and shakers, to help him take the Fund to the next level - eight or nine out-of-the-box thinkers to buy into his plan and help him execute it.  Step forward ladies and gentlemen it is going to be an exciting ride!


Mrs. Kulthum Salam Al-Husseini

Mr. Hanna Ayoub

Mr. George Azar

Mr. Imad Baalbaki, PhD

Mr. Mohammad Baalbaki

Mrs. Randa Bdeir

Mrs. Mona Jeha Kanaan (Vice-Chair)

Mrs. Layla Alamuddin Karami

Mrs. Leila Khalaf

Mr. Youssef Lahoud

HE Mr. Michel Maalouly

Mrs. Jihad Al-Shawwaf Razian

Mr. Youssef Rishani

Mr. Mohammad Shatila (Chair)

Mrs. Salma Tabbarah

Mr. Nazih Zeidan

Mrs. Asma Zein


Honorary Members of the Committee

Mr. Mohammad El-Hout

Mrs. Magida El-Roumi

Mr. Fadi Ghandour


Honorary Chair of the Committee

HE. Mr. Khalil Makkawi, PhD

AUB Scholarship Fundraising Committee
AUB Scholarship Fundraising Committee

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