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Society of the Friends of the Museum

​The Society of the Friends of the Museum encourages public support and patronage of AUB’s Archaeological Museum, which includes some wonderful collections. The society organizes lectures, exhibitions, programs for children, tours of other museums, trips and excursions, and supported the comprehensive renovation of the museum in 2006. It also publishes a regular newsletter to keep its members informed of developments at the museum and in the world of archaeology generally. Read more.

The Society of the Friends, which now counts 373 members, organizes and sponsors various activities and events. Its major contribution during the 2015-2016 academic year was the exhibition: “Excavating the Past, 50 Years of Archaeology at AUB Museum” which was organized by Dr. Leila Badre.

Thanks to the efforts of the Society Executive Committee officers, the Museum shop is attracting more and more customers each year. The shop offers a rich, diverse, and creative items, where you are sure to find what you are looking for, whether it is a gift for a special occasion or just a small memento of your visit.


Salma Dannawi Oueida
Associate Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations


Meet a Volunteer

When Nabil Nahas took over as President of the Society of Friends of the Museum in 2009 he decided his main mission was to “bring the Museum into 21st Century on the technological level. “ A graduate in Architecture from AUB’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Nabil immediately put his technical and management skills to work.  Thanks to his efforts, the Museum now boasts a state-of-the-art audio guide system in English and French. The Museum shop, which raises vital funds towards Museum upkeep, now operates with a bar-code system and is hooked up with a credit card machine. Meanwhile, during their regular field trips, the many enthusiastic Friends of the Museum no longer have to strain to hear their guides thanks to the new mike and wireless earpiece system that makes the alfresco group lectures all the more efficient.

Nabil is permanently on the look out for ways to attract people to the Museum in its own right and to encourage more Friends to join and participate in the many lectures, conferences, trips and children’s days organized by the Society. And of course he welcomes new volunteers to help run these activities.

PS.  With ladies outnumbering the men by about 7:1, Nabil might not mind a bit more male company!

Sciety of the Friends of the AUB Museum
Society of the Friends of the AUB Museum

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