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Women's Auxiliary


The Women's Auxiliary was established in 1950 to support the AUB Medical Center. Known affectionately as the “ladies in pink,” these volunteers raise money to help needy patients, to fund scholarships for nursing students, and for medical equipment and services. They also provide much appreciated emotional support for patients and their families. 

 This fiscal year, from October 2015 to October 2016, the 61 volunteers of the auxiliaury were able to raise $245,000. The money was generated from the Coffee Shop, Bargain Box, hospital volunteers, fundraising activities, and individual donations.

In June 2016, the Women’s Auxiliary organized the Toy Tea Party at the Marquand House garden. During this event, the Women’s Auxiliary offered two scholarships and ten awards to the students of the Rafic Hariri School Nursing, as well as the “best registered nurse” award and the “practical nurse of the year” award.



Walid Katergi
Associate Vice President for Development 


Meet a Volunteer

Leila Khalaf, Treasurer of the AUB Women's Auxiliary, has been a member of the fabled “Pink Brigade” for the best part of 30 years, and has held various executive positions. These days she can be found every Tuesday doing the accounts in the Auxiliary office behind the Coffee Shop.  This is the engine room of their formidable income generating organization dedicated to supporting AUBMC and its needy patients.   The work means a lot to Leila and her 80 strong group as she explains: “We really help the needy so we work with all our hearts and we are happy to be of use.”  Being of use is the operative word, because as Leila puts it, “I always say bring me busy women with initiative, we don’t have time for people who cant think for themselves.” With the Coffee Shop, the Shop, and the Bargain Box to run, as well as doing the daily newspaper rounds for patients, helping out at the ER and manning an early morning breakfast trolley for doctors in the operating theaters, the Pink Ladies (so called because of their distinctive pink jackets) are happy to welcome new volunteers – as long as they know how to hit the ground running!

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