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Department of Biology - FAS, AUB
Biology Building - AUB


The Department of Biology offers a BS and MS program in Biology, in addition to a PhD program in Cell and Molecular Biology. Active research is conducted in environmental biology, marine and aquatic ecology, genetics, cancer biology, microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, neurobiology and immunology, plant physiology, animal physiology, and entomology. The Department is situated at the lower end of the AUB Campus facing the Mediterranean Sea. It is a four-floor building and includes faculty offices, graduate student offices, teaching and research labs, a natural history museum, and a computer lab.

The BS program in Biology prepares students for advanced study and careers in research, education, and service in Biology-related disciplines. Students will acquire descriptive, experimental, quantitative, and conceptual abilities spanning molecular, cellular, organismal, and ecological levels. Lecture and laboratory courses will emphasize model systems, the role of evolution, diversity of living systems, hypothesis-based reasoning, and communication skills. Science, social science, and humanities coursework will foster creativity, free thought, interdisciplinary skills, and commitment to ethical scholarship.
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American University of Beirut
P.O.Box 11-0236 / Department of Biology
Riad El-Solh / Beirut 1107 2020

Tel: +961 1 350 000, 340 460 ext. 3880 / 3881
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