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Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)

Theses & Projects: Middle Eastern Studies & Islamic Studies

2018 Theses
  • Mouallem, Dima. Colloquy and Soliloquy in the Arabo-Islamic Heritage: Three Religious Interlocutors
  • Altisinik, Asli. The National Museum of Beirut: A Study
  • Günaydın, Serdar. Building Peace Through Liberal Constructs


2017 Theses
  • Scheunchen, Tobias. Slaves and Matrimony in the Legal Cultures of the late Sasanian and early Islamic Empires
  • al-Kayat, Rawan. The formation of paradisiacal notions in the early Muslim community: influences and innovations
  • Wallace, Cody. The Politics of Militarizing Welfare in Syria
  • Akcam, Helin. Justice for whom?: a discourse analysis on transitional justice in Syria
  • Tayeb, Sami. Manufacturing the McCity: A Case Study of the Rawabi Urban Development Project in Palestine​


2016 Projects
  • Jennifer Gutierrez. Mothering and Nationalism in Egypt
  • Susannah Stephens. The Caucasus Emirate in the age of ISIS: a short history of Islamic “States" in the North Caucasus


2016 Theses
  • Nuwayhid, Wissam. Origin, emanation and return in al-Fayd al-Kāshānī’s ʿAyn al-Yaqīn
  • Paul Sorrell. Expanding the Record: U.S. Relations with Ahmad Chalabi 1991- 2010


2015 Theses
  • Sarah El Jamal. Framing Arab Poverty Knowledge Production: A Socio-Bibliometric Study
  • George Burnett. British Policy towards Self-Governing Institutions in Mandatory Palestine: The Question of the Legislative Council, 1932-1936
  • Ben Pitler. Dancing on the Stairs: Human Rights, the State and Revolution in Egypt
  • Wen-Yu Wu. Reorientation toward Future: Lives among the Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS) in Lebanon
  • Anna Serio. Reporting Conspiracy (Theory): Sonallah Ibrahim's al-Lajna and Paul Auster's City of Glass
  • Ole Denstad. Life Stories of Non-Heterosexual Syrian Men: Ostracization and Renegotiation
  • Maxwell Gardiner. Patronage, Clientalism, and the Maintenance of the Confessional State
  • Elias Ghazal. The Preeminence of Hezbollah: Rise of Shiite power in Lebanon
  • Iman Azzi. One Woman, Many Headlines: A Comparative Study of Media Coverage of Tawwakol Karman by Arab and Western Media


2015 Projects
  • Matthew Castillo. World Poetics: Prospects for the Application of Dramatism to Studies of the International Relations of the Middle East
  • Matthew Pokorny. Neorealism and Libyan Foreign Policy under Muammar Qaddafi
  • Chris Mellon. Resiliency of the Saudi Monarchy: 1745-1975
  • Ryan Bailey. Syrian Military Intervention in the Jordanian and Lebanese Civil Wars: Historical Context and Motivations


2014 Theses
  • David Friedman. Qatar and the Evolving Global Gas Market
  • Ian Larson. John Foss, Barbary Captivity, and Strains of American Thought in the Eighteenth Century
  • Olivia Kaye. The everyday state: how do the residents of Chiyah perceive and interact with the state on a daily basis?
  • Carmen Feliz. It was never ours and it will never actually be theirs: lived experiences, social processes and conceptions of historical relevance in the 2005 independence uprisings in Lebanon
  • Heckel, Genevieve. Interdialectical communication and code switching in pan-Arab Reality Television: The Case of Arab Idol
  • Edward Wyrwicz. Political Liberalization in Jordan: A Comparative Study
  • Claudia Lewis. Suffering and Liberalism: The Case of Hunger Strikes in Palestine
  • Rose Khouri. Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, and Gender in Lebanese Sunni Religious Education
  • John Honohan. The Salafi Call: A Social Movement
  • Laura Metzler. (And so on...): Genetics, Quantum Mechanics and Transcendence in the later work of Saloua Raouda Choucair
  • Natalie Khairallah. Negation in the Lebanese Dialect of Zeitoun, Keserwan: An Examination of Claims, Concepts and usage


2014 Projects
  • Christopher Sidiropoulos. The Evolution of Hamas in the Context of the Syrian Crisis
  • Jamila Chedid.A Rocky Start for Iraqi Refugees: An Action Research Project in Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Brett Schmicking. Place Branding and International Engagement in Qatar and Abu Dhabi


2013 Theses
  • Gianni Izzo. Murtada Mutahhari and the enduring epistemological impression on theophilosophy
  • Jeremy Clark. The Christian response to tahrīf and related issues: an annotated bibliography of Near-East primary sources from the seventh to ninth centuries
  • Andrew McRae. Tensed and negative: assessing local dislocation in the context of Arabic verbal morphology.
  • Jean D'Agostino. Opening a dialogue about Lebanon's missing and disappeared: victims' voices in postwar civil society
  • Nadia Younes. Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative: Leading the way to consent one compliant citizen at a time
  • Kathryn Jones. Perceptions of the effects of citizenship education on youth in Lebanon involved with the Sustainable Democracy Center
  • Katharina Hansler. Women in the Tunisian Revolution – Between Participation and Marginalization
  • William Merrifield. Towards an Avicennian theodicy: Avicenna on natural evil and the question of indeterminism in the natural world


2013 Projects
  • Valerie Rowles. Evaluating United States government media development assistance to Lebanon 2005 - 2010
  • Michael Jacobellis. John Bagot Glubb and his Bedouin
  • Andrew Bossone. A photographic essay of advertising and public space in Egypt and Lebanon


2012 Theses
  • Tynan Kelly. Polyphony and the Mask in Modern Arabic Poetry
  • Edward Atkinson-Clark. British radio policy in mandatory Palestine 1936-1948: international causes and colonial effects of a new media
  • Jennifer Mogannam. LNM-PLO Alliance: Unified Interests, Divided Power
  • Kelyne Rhodehamel. The paradox of sovereignty and the case of Iraq
  • Zaynah Hindi. Narratives of national struggle: exploring gender, empowerment, and the Palestinian National Movement through the life stories of four Palestinian women
  • Alice Crabtree. Out-of-country expatriate voting as a transnational political activity: the case of the Lebanese in Australia
  • Hazem Jamjoum. The Village Leagues: Israel's native authority and the 1981-1982 Intifada
  • Jessica Nelson. After Saturday, Sunday: Evaluating the Maronite-Israeli relationship (1920- 1982)
  • Stuart Martin. Jabal 'Amil in a century: a translation and introduction
  • Christopher Shad. Drug trafficking networks in Lebanon: their history and formation, 1920-1975
  • Edward Addison. Armed and unarmed resistance in the occupied Palestinian territories: questions of relevance and legitimacy
  • Andrew Kirkby. The expanding role of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran: from pro-Khomeini militia to the leader of the Praetorian state
  • Natalie Hawwa. Peace education post-Oslo: Palestinian NGOs and their impact on the peace process
  • Mohammad Ataei. Syrian-Iranian relations and the creation of Hezbollah in Lebanon


2012 Projects
  • Ronnie Chatah. Keeping History Alive: Explaining and Displaying Beirut's Past
  • Elizabeth Woller. Elite political agendas and American media: The Libyan civil war


2011 Theses
  • Erin O'Halloran. Peace diplomacy in Lebanon, 1996-2006: five case studies
  • Michael Hanna. Sovereign Wealth Funds: Government Entities Behaving Like Firms?
  • Aysel Sekmec. Government-media tensions in Iraqi Kurdistan: perceptions of Kurdish independent and pro-government journalists
  • Angeline Nassar. Scratch that, this is our soundtrack: hip hop in Lebanon
  • John Hess. The Lebanese Way: A Cultural Propensity toward Entrepreneurship
  • Gabrielle Magro. Theorizing materialism: a necessary preliminary to a critique of post-colonial Middle East studies
  • Susann Kassem. The UN peacekeeping practice in Southern Lebanon: the "international community" and local autonomy
  • Daniel Newell. The 'spirit of falsafa' and its limits: reason, revelation, and Islamic intellectual reform
  • Andrew Hennessey. The linguistic integration of the Palestinian refugees in Beirut: a model for analysis
  • Patrick Healy. Making history in the Sahara: historiography in the nationalist discourse of the Polisario Front, 1973-1976
  • Aroub Al-Majali. The Role of NGOs in the Liberalization of Jordan: Royal NGOs
  • Wesley Horne. Dissecting the conflict between North and South Yemen


2010 Theses
  • Amelia Altz-Stamm. Prospects for Sustainable Water Management in Lebanon: The Horse Will Reach the Water, But Will It Drink?
  • Jedidiah Anderson. Crossing Swords: LGBTIQ NGOs in Lebanon, Joseph Massad's Critique, and Postcolonialism
  • Noah Browning. Contending Visions of the Middle East: International Relations, Middle East Studies, and Theory in the 'American Century'
  • Hisham Chreih. Jewish Prominence during the British Occupation and Mandate of Iraq, 1918-1932
  • Somi Cho. Everyday Miracles: Gender, Healing, and Identity at the Marian Shrine of Saydnaya in Syria
  • William Coombe. Branding Dubai: Global Perspectives of a 21st Century Emirate
  • Saleh El Machnouk. An Opportunity Missed: US Foreign Policy towards the Syrian-Lebanese Crisis, 2004-2008
  • Nathaniel George. US Policy and the Syrian Intervention in Lebanon, 1973-1976
  • Ariela Gross. Reaching "Wa'y": mobilization and recruitment in Hizb al-Tahrir al-Islami - a case study
  • Sarah Johnson. “The Bible is Our Roadmap": Christian Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Marieke Knijnen. Facilitating Real Estate Development in Beirut: A Peculiar Case of Neoliberal Public Policy
  • Lily Lee. The Concept of Jahiliyya in Modern Islamic Fundamentalist Discourse: A Comparative Study of Abu'l A'la Mawdudi and Sayyid Qutb
  • Andrew Cole Murray. Ideologies of humanist religious liberationists: Ali Shariati and Gustavo Gutierrez
  • Tim Yousaf. A History of the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon (al-Jama'ah al-Islamiyyah), 1948-2000


2009 Theses
  • Ramzi El Houry. Too Little, Too Late? A Critical Evaluation of the Iraq Development Board, 1950-1958
  • Diana Farhood. Family, Culture, and Decisions: A Look into the Experiences of University Students in Lebanon
  • Naseem Ferdowsi. Multi-Ethnic Lebanese Self-Identification and Negotiation of Belonging
  • Suzanne Goedeken. Made to Measure? Fitting a Development Project to the Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • Peder Klevan. The Role of the Lebanese Army
  • Ha-Yeon Lee. Maid, Mother, or Whore: The Power of Filipina Women in Lebanese Homes
  • Michael Page. Religious Transformation in the Palestinian Camps of Lebanon: A Case Study of the Camps of 'Ain al-Hilwah, Baddawi, and Nahr al-Barid
  • Ria Reisner. The Rise, Fall, Disbandment, and Dispersal of the South Lebanese Army: Narratives of Ideology and Patron-Clientage
  • Paula Schmitt. Impressions and Digressions on Political Billboards in Lebanon, a Six-Year Long Stroll


2008 Theses
  • Marcia Biggs. What Were We Being Told? Palestine and the New York Times, 1917-1948
  • Reed Breneman. The Baha'i Students and AUB in the Early 20th Century
  • Isabelle Dana. Global Consciousness among Contemporary Reformist Muslim Intellectuals: Rethinking Islamic Tradition, Western Universality, and Globalization
  • Ina Issa. Tourism in Lebanon: Dissonance between Idealism and Reality
  • Dennis Kumetat. The Perception of Germany in Lebanon: A Qualitative and Quantitative Survey
  • Leroy Taylor Long. Learning Lebanese: A Study of Children and Childhood, 1918-1943
  • Jonathan Nassim. Israel's Second Nature: On the Content, Foundation, and Future of Israel's Military Doctrine
  • Farrah Zughni. Lifestyles of the Rich and Exclusive: A Study of Social Capital among Beirut's Elite


2007 Theses
  • Louisa Ajami. Foreign Domestic Workers in Lebanon
  • Lilian Chryssis. The Construction of Palestinian Diasporic Identity in Massachusetts: Maintaining a National and Cultural Identity
  • Christian Gahre. Staging the Lebanese Nation: Urban Public Space and Political Mobilization in the Aftermath of Hariri's Assassination
  • Marina Krikorian. Almost Home: Perceptions of Home and Homeland among the Armenian Diaspora in Lebanon
  • Jay Loschky. The Effects of UN Comprehensive Economic Sanctions on Human Security
  • Irina Prentice. A Year in the Story of Lebanon's Search for National Unity
  • John Redwine. Hizbullah's Political Capability and the July War


2006 Theses
  • Caroline Chalouhi. The King and She: Gertrude Bell and Sherif Faisal
  • Paul Cochrane. Empiric Media: Empire and the Occupation of Iraq
  • Theresa Giambalvo. Negotiating Citizenship: Arab Women in Militant Movements
  • Stephen Howard. Civil Society and Democracy in Post-Taif Lebanon
  • Christoph Klarmann. The Taif Agreement: A Historical Perspective
  • Solveig Malvik. Participation and Informal Institutional Arrangements in the Jordanian Public Administration
  • Jared McCormick. Globalization and Masculinity: The Changing Social Context of Male Sexuality and the global Gay Identity in Lebanon
  • John Nasr. Nationalism and Modernism in Antoun Saadeh's Nushu' al-Umam
  • Louis Parks. The Threats to Israeli Security in the Post-Cold War Era
  • Mariko Shimomura. Death and Eternity: French Modernists and the Orient
  • Susumu Yoshida. Syrian-PLO Relations in Lebanon from 1969 to 1983


2005 Theses
  • Andrew Exum. Cultural Intelligence and the American Experience in Iraq
  • Rene Hansen. Piracy and Privateering in the Islamic World: Economics, Politics and Religion
  • Katrin Jomaa. Concept of Authority and Political Legitimacy in the Medina Constitution
  • Amal Marcos. Greek Orthodox Monasteries of Lebanon and Their Impact on Lay Communities
  • Salaheddin Moussalli. The Role of Social Marketing in Lebanese Media Campaigns: An Assessment
  • Jehan Mullin. Arab Kinship: The Foundation of Subordination and Empowerment among Arab Women
  • Jacob Mumm. Resource Endowment, Social Conflict, and Economic Development: The 'Unholy Trinity' of Autocratic Governance in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Samuel Noble. The Impact of the Monastic Milieu on Early Abbasid Poetry
  • Casey Noga. Syrian Foreign Policy in the Gulf Crisis of 1990-91
  • Michael Oreste. Deconstructing the Zionist Paradigm: A “New" History for a “New" Israel?
  • Jennifer Ponig. Women's Status in Muslim Communities: An Analysis of Women's Participation in Algeria and Iraq
  • Stuart Reigeluth. Memory and Resistance: A Literary Perspective of Palestinian Existence
  • Sarah Smiles. Over Their Dead Bodies: War, Women and Honor in Saddam's Iraq
  • Kaelen Wilson-Goldie. Digging for Fire: Contemporary Art Practices in Postwar Lebanon
  • Heidemarie Woelfel. Damascus is Bittersweet: Women's Internal Migration in Syria


2004 Theses
  • Brock Bevan. Iberian Presence in the Maghrib
  • Hans Bastian Hauck. Reforming Local Governance in the Capital: An Analysis of Problems and Proposals for the City of Beirut
  • Kathryn Kraft. Receptivity and Rejection of Christian Beliefs by Arab Women in Syria
  • Joseph Malki. Allied Military Strategy in the Levant during World War II and Their Effects on Lebanese Society, 1940-1943


2003 Theses
  • Daniel Del Castillo. Machinations: Ariel Sharon's Attempt to Liquidate the Palestinian Question through Invasion and the Siege of Beirut
  • Heather McCaw. Negotiating the Distance: Exile, Homosexuality and Identity in the Writings of Rabih Alameddine
  • Delphine Stefens. The Terrible Turk
  • Danny Toukan. The Political Career of Yasser Arafat: The Travails of Middle Eastern Politics
  • Carrie York. An interdisciplinary Evaluation of Muslim Identity: When Do Religious and Cultural Identities Merge?


2002 Theses
  • Vivian Hermiz. Geopolitics and Interstate Relations of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers


2001 Theses
  • Valia Chami. The Transitional Program of the Lebanese National Program
  • Nasser Chour. Television in Lebanon, Like Father, Like Son: A Reflection of the Lebanese System
  • Esref-Kenan Rasidagic. The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution in Lebanon and Bosnia: A Comparative Study


2000 Theses
  • Robert Gilliam. A Muslim Response to Protestant Missionaries: The Case of Al Manar
  • Mirjam Soerli. Testing the Liberal Peace Argument in the Middle East: Correlates of Conflict Compared


1987 Theses
  • Hind Mutlak. The evolution of regional co-operation and co-ordination between Arab Gulf states, 1968-1986


1985 Theses
  • Cronin, John R. An overview of Iraq's developmental planning since 1970 and some economic consequences of the Gulf war
  • Ghada Rafik Fakhuri. Defects in Theory and Practice of the Egyptian Agrarian Reform 1952-1970



1982 Theses
  • Andrew Vincent. The peasantry of the Hawran in the nineteenth century: tenuous and peripheral occupation


1981 Theses
  • Hanna, Edwin B. The rise of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia: a socio-ecological interpretation
  • Jiryis, Jiryis Ilyas. The Israelization of Jerusalem 1967-1978
  • Miller, Dickenson Jenkins. The craftsman's art Armenians and the growth of photography in the Near East (1856-1981)
  • Wehbe, Marwan. F. The rise, development and stability of the Orthodox Youth Movement: a case study of a single institution


1980 Theses
  • Akra, Zahi G. The development of the PLO's policies towards Israel: (1964-1979)
  • Miller, Patricia A. The Palestinian revolt, 1936-1939: View from the State Department


1977 Theses
  • Laun, Berta J. Revolutionary Leadership in the Arab World: The Case of Qadhafi


1976 Theses
  • Moline, Judith A. Saljuq Minarets in Iran 


1975 Theses
  • Hamadah, Rima. The Rise of the United Arab Emirates
  • Hatab, Helen. Syrian-American Ethnicity: Structure and Ideology in Transition
  • Jaffe, Jody R. Arabization in Algeria: The Recovery of an Identity
  • Novikoff-Srouji, Xenia. The Process of Nation-Building in Saudi Arabia


1974 Theses
  • Johnson, Maxwell. A New Assessment of the Arab Army's Role in the Great Arab Revolt 1916-1918
  • Saad, Elias N. The Damascus Crisis of 1860 in Light of Kitab al Ahzan: An Unpublished Eye Witness Account
  • Totten, Michael W. The Egyptian Army under British Occupation 1882-1885


1973 Theses
  • Houghton, Lois C. Entrance Portals in Medieval Damascus 1145-1300 AD (549-700 H.)
  • Jidejian, Denise Y. Djemal Pasha's Secret Contacts with the Allies during the First World War
  • Lind, Gary C. The Buraimi Oasis Dispute
  • Magrath, Douglas. Al-Khandaq Al Ghamiq Critique and Translation
  • Sims, Ottley S. Honor and Modesty in the Middle East


1972 Theses
  • Barratt, Richard H. British Influence on Arab Military Force in the Gulf: The Trucial Oman Scouts
  • Busuttil, Mary. The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem in Cyprus


1971 Theses
  • Early, Evelyn A. The 'Amiliyya Society of Beirut: A Case Study of an Emerging Urban Za'im
  • Hopkins, Edward C.D. Military Intervention in Syria and Iraq: Historical Background, Evaluation and Some Comparisons
  • Howley, Dennis C. UNRWA: An International Relief Agency in Political Aggregation
  • Sarangani, Datumanong Di A. The Islamization of Mindanao: A Study of Islam in the Philippines
  • Sims, Jack R. Jr. The Fishermen of Byblos: The Study of a Marine-Adapted Lebanese Occupational Group


1970 Theses
  • Bana, Maherunissa N. The West Pakistan Education Reform of 1958
  • Bodron, Margaret M. Violence in the Syrian Social Nationalist Party
  • De Atkine, Norvell B. The Contemporary and Future Implications of the Impending British Withdrawal from the Persian Gulf
  • Ewing, Douglas L. Emigration from Greater Syria to the United States: A Study of the Causes and Results of Syrian Emigration to America
  • Kopietz, Hans Heins. The Luxemburg Agreement, its Effects on German-Arab Relations 1952-1965: A Study of Political Competition between the Two Germanies, Israel and the Arabs


1969 Theses
  • Arnold, Leo. The Meaning of Ayah in the Koran


1968 Theses
  • Hamboyan, Sarkis D. The Historical Background of the Moroccan Territorial Claims
  • Sether, Halle H. The Treatment of Minorities: The Kurds in Iraq and Turkey
  • William A. Stewart. The Federation of Arabian Emirates


1967 Theses
  • Ghulam Rasul Noor Mohammad. The Muslim League 1930-1958 (A political and historical study)
  • Paul R. Wineman. Some Economic and Political Approaches toward Future American Policy in the Middle East
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