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Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)


The Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies was established in 1972 alongside the Shaykh Zayid bin Sultan Chair in Arab and Islamic Studies. From 1975 on, with the onset of the civil war, the Center’s activities were restricted and in 1986 it closed down completely along with several other graduate programs at AUB. In 1997, CAMES was completely reorganized and began receiving applications for the MA program in 1998. The first intensive summer Arabic program took place in 2000. In 2014, the new MA program in Islamic Studies was launched.


CAMES' goal is to enhance the understanding of the Middle East and to encourage informed scholarship on the region in all academic disciplines. CAMES is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary unit which aims to assist students in acquiring a sound grounding in one or more aspects of the study of the Middle East, and in the Arabic language. CAMES offers three programs towards this objective: the MA program in Middle Eastern Studies, the MA program in Islamic Studies and the intensive summer Arabic programs in Arabic Language and Culture and in Colloquial Lebanese Arabic.

 MA programs: Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Studies

The MA in Middle Eastern Studies is designed for students who wish to obtain a broad knowledge of the Middle East. The program focuses on current methodologies and approaches to the general field of the Middle Eastern scholarship. Students structure their own course of study in different areas of Middle Eastern Studies such as history, politics, sociology, anthropology and Arabic language and literature. The interdisciplinary nature of the program encourages the students' critical and independent thinking and the undertaking of analytical in-depth research. The MA program offers a thesis track and a project track and takes at least two years to complete.

The MA program in Islamic Studies is an interdisciplinary program with the goal of providing students with the necessary background to expand their knowledge and understanding of classical and modern Islamic religious thought and textual traditions; and to offer critical insight into the political, intellectual, literary and social history of Islam up to the present day. The program offers a thesis option and a project optionand takes at least two years to complete.

Summer Arabic
The CAMES summer program in the Arabic language offers intensive courses in Arabic Languge an Culture and in Colloquial Lebanese Arabic for seven weeks each summer. 

Arabic study at AUB
CAMES is committed to the study of the Arabic language and offers courses at all levels throughout the academic year in coordination with the department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages.

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