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Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)
Arabic for International Students

​To study Arabic at AUB, students may either apply to the intensive summer Arabic programs offered by CAMES or apply to AUB as a non-degree student during the fall and spring semesters.

For further information on applying to study Arabic as a non-degree student, please check this link.

For the non-degree student application form, please check this link.

Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) courses

Each semester, AUB offers the following Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) courses:

Arabic Language and Culture

  • ARAB 203/MEST 321 Beginners Arabic as a Foreign Language I 
  • ARAB 204/MEST 322 Beginners Arabic as a Foreign Language II 
  • ARAB 205/MEST 323 Intermediate Arabic as Foreign Language III 
  • ARAB 206/MEST 324 Intermediate Arabic as a Foreign Language IV 
  • ARAB 207/MEST 325 Advanced Arabic as Foreign Language V​ 
  • ARAB 208/MEST 326 Advanced Arabic as a Foreign Language VI 
  • ARAB 209/MEST 327 Advanced ​​Arabic as a Foreign Language VII 


Colloquial Lebanese Arabic

  • MEST 240 / 340 Introduction to Lebanese Arabic 
  • MEST 241 / 341 Intermediate Lebanese Arabic 
  • MEST 242 / 342 Advanced Lebanese Arabic 


Classes in Fall run from late August to mid-December, and in Spring from late January to mid-May. The tuition fees are on this link.

AUB does not offer an intensive Arabic program during the fall or spring semesters. We only offer intensive Arabic in the summer. Students at AUB can only register for only two Arabic as a Foreign Language (AFL) courses per semester, one in Arabic Language and Culture and one in Colloquial Lebanese Arabic. This is because the courses are sequential and prerequisites of each other. Some of the AFL courses are offered for 5 hours per week and some are offered for 3 hours per week. This means that a student can take only up to 10 hours of AFL in one semester.

Please email us on if you have any questions about studying Arabic at AUB.


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