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Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)
Program Overview

‚ÄčThe Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Middle Studies (CAMES) at the American University of Beirut offers two separate intensive Arabic summer programs:

1.     A seven-week program (June 20-August 8, 2018) in Arabic Language and Culture designed for students interested in developing overall proficiency in Arabic in both its Standard and Lebanese varieties. The program provides integrated instruction in classes in both Standard and Lebanese Arabic (based on the tasks and contexts involved). Emphasis is placed on the development of the various skills within a communicative, proficiency-based framework and special attention is given the development of intercultural competence in Arabic. The program provides instruction at different levels of proficiency: Introductory, High Introductory, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced, and Superior. Students receive 9 credit hours for this program which can be transferred to their home institution.

2.     A seven-week program (June 20-August 8, 2018) in Lebanese Arabic (LA) that offers intensive instruction in LA at two levels: Introductory and Intermediate. The program is designed for those students who want to devote their attention to the development of proficiency in LA and thus places heavy emphasis on the speaking and listening skills and on building intercultural competence in LA. The Introductory Lebanese Arabic class is designed for students with no previous exposure to Arabic. The Intermediate Lebanese Arabic class has a prerequisite of one year of prior study of Arabic. The Lebanese Arabic program offers students 9 credit hours which can be transferred to their home institution. 

Both of these CAMES programs are highly demanding, so students are expected to be totally committed and ready to attend classes and do homework on a daily basis. The typical daily workload in both these programs entails 6 hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of homework.

CAMES gives admission priority to academics and students who apply to these courses as part of their academic and professional careers. All applicants are required to have completed at least one semester of college or university study or the equivalent before being accepted. Students who are accepted are required to take a placement exam on the first day of the program. This exam, together with the information provided in the application about the student's knowledge of Arabic, and the Arabic writing sample required, will determine the level of Arabic instruction appropriate for each applicant.








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