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Department of Economics at FAS, AUB

The conference aims to showcase the findings of the forthcoming 5th Lancet Series on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), which will be launched later in 2018 in London, and which focuses on the economic case for advancing NCD control and prevention strategies. The presentations from the series authors will address the challenges of NCDs to global poverty reduction, the interaction between NCD control and prevention and poverty at a national scale, as well as the distributional outcomes of price interventions for NCD control, including subtler aspects, such as impacts of financial risk protection.

​By bringing together ​experts and scholars on micro and macro-economic aspects of NCD control and prevention in lower- and middle-income countries, one of the objectives of the conference is to shed light on important unknowns, such as the equity and incentive effects on households and individuals affected by NCD policies and health services, and how country and health system features interact with the cost-effectiveness of NCD policies and interventions.

Furthermore, the framing of the 2015 Sustainable Development agenda implies that health will need to position itself alongside and show its contribution to other social and environmental goals – in contrast with the stand-alone health priorities of the MDGs. One of the tasks of NCD researchers is to show how NCDs fit into a more broadly integrated development pathway, both as a component of human health and in relation to other development goals.

Finally, the conference aims to determine a research agenda for the MENA region more specifically, based on some of the findings from the Lancet Series and some of the insights from the country cases presented.

The event is organized by the Economics Department, the Applied Economics and Development Research Group, and the Center for Research on Population and Health, and funded by a generous grant from the International Development Research Centre.

For questions or inquiries about the conference, please contact the conference manager, Mr. Sami Zoughaib (​

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