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Department of History and Archaeology, AUB
Archaeology at AUB

Archaeology at AUB is founded on a rich departmental history stemming from myriad archaeological resources. The Lebanese landscape is covered with archaeological sites, both excavated and pristine. The country covers one of the most intensely studied areas in the world of archaeological research. For this reason AUB has been central to the study of the ancient Near East for over a century, and continues to work at the forefront of archaeological fieldwork.

The experienced faculty of archaeology have been involved in research and excavation on a scale beyond compare, spanning millennia of Near Eastern history and providing a strong base for a multitude of student interests. The current excavations at Tell el-Burak, the survey of the village of Hosn Niha in the Biqa' Valley, the Baalbek excavations, as well as the salvage excavations of Tell Fadous-Kfarabida, have been incorporated into student research involving international collaboration. The departmental participation in the historic excavations of the Beirut Central District and Tell Fadous-Kfarabida, illustrates the faculty's eagerness to conserve the archaeological heritage of Lebanon.

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