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Department of History and Archaeology, AUB
Program Learning Outcomes

​Program Learning Outcomes History

1- To explain the significance of History as an academic discipline and as a formative influence in contemporary society
2- To describe the broad outlines of Arab and Middle Eastern History
3- To analyze historical texts in order to identify and evaluate their constitutive components
4- To conduct expert library and field research
5- To compose an historical account
6- To evaluate the epistemological, theoretical and interpretive processes entailed in the study of History as a distinct field in the Humanities

Program Learning Outcomes Archaeology

1- To describe the broad outlines of Near Eastern Archaeology from Prehistory to Late Roman times
2- To explain the nature and diversity of archaeological data and the means for their retrieval
3- To conduct basic library research and field excavations
4- To evaluate the methodological and interpretive processes by means of which substantive archaeological knowledge is created and validated
5- To synthesize complex data for incorporation into a written archaeological paper
6- To value cultural heritage as a means for memory formation, identity construction and diversity

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