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Medical Research at FM, AUB
Eligibility of Students

The MRVP accommodates students with no previous experience as well as students with a strong background in research. This program is stimulating and beneficial for students from all levels of previous experience. Students’ eligibility to participate in the MRVP include their interest in research, major of study, class, academic performance, time availability, as well as commitment.

  • Interest in research: The most important requirement for enrolment in this program is the student’s interest in medical research.
  • Major of study:students majoring in any of the following fields are eligible to participate in the program: Faculty of Arts and Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (Nutrition), Faculty of Health Sciences (Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Medical Lab Technology, and Environmental Health), and Faculty of Engineering (Chemical Engineering).  Moreover, pre-medical students from any other major, or those minoring in biodmedical engineering are also eligible to participate.
  • Class: Participants must have completed a minimum of two semesters at AUB, defined as having acquired at least 24 credits at the sophomore level.
  • Academic performance: Only students who have obtained an academic average of 78 or above are eligible to enroll in this program.
  • Time availability: Students should be able to allocate sufficient time to the program. A minimum of 5 hours per week for a duration of at least 10 weeks is a requirement to join the program, with no upper limit to their time commitment.
  • Commitment: Students must be willing to display effort, show seriousness, and invest time into the program.
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