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Medical Research at FM, AUB
MRVP Process  

The steps in the MRVP are detailed below:

  • Student orientation

A student orientation lecture will be held towards the end of each fall semester. During this session, an overview of the program will be presented, and the application procedure will be explained. In addition, students’ questions will be addressed in detail.

  • Student application

The application process entails filling out an online questionnaire upon satisfying the eligibility requirements. Information collected in this application form includes: a- Basic personal information, b- information about academic record, c- research record, d- research interest, and e- time availability. A database of the students’ information will be built, and updated regularly.

  • Faculty information 
  • Faculty members willing to participate in this program will be asked to fill a form which includes: a- contact information, b- current research projects, c- number of students willing to work with, and d- specific student background requirements. A database will be built including the given information. This database will be regularly updated.

    • Matching

    Based on the information obtained through the questionnaires, the MRVP committee will match students with faculty members. This process will, to the best of the committee’s ability, match students and faculty members based on common research interests and previous research experience. Matching will be completed in a timely manner. Once the faculty members agree to accept the students, an email will be sent to the students providing them with the name and the contact information of the faculty member they have been matched with.

    • Work initiation

    Students are expected to initiate contact with the faculty member and schedule a meeting to discuss the research project and the roles and responsibilities which they will be given.  Upon finalizing the agreement between the student and the faculty member, the student should fill up the “MRVP Initiation Form” .  This form includes information on: a- personal information of the study, b- contact information of the faculty member, c- project title, d- terms of volunteer work (number of hours and duration), and e- role of the student in the research.

    If for any reason, the match does not succeed, the student should inform the MRVP office.  Accordingly, the student will automatically be kept in the database and matched with another faculty member. 

    • Follow-up

    A follow-up form is to be submitted to the MRVP office every two months. These reports give the students a platform to voice their suggestions, comments and complaints as well as the chance to inform the committee of what responsibilities they have been entrusted with. The report is a documentation of what they have been doing and the challenges that they are facing. This form will also be used to update any modifications to the initial agreement between the student and the faculty member.

    • End of agreement

    Students will be required to submit a “Student End of Volunteering” form when they finalize their volunteer work. This form is essentially a more detailed version of the reports that students have been submitting to the MRVP office bimonthly. The “Student End of Volunteering” form will evaluate both the student’s personal experience and the MRVP in general. Although faculty members will not be required to follow up every two months, they will be asked to submit a “Faculty End of Volunteering” form at the end of each student’s volunteering period. This gives the researcher an opportunity to evaluate both the student’s performance and the MRVP in general.


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