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TECHTUNES - Issue # 5


Today's Bundle:
  • What's New by IT @ AUB?


    IT for a Greener Tomorrow

    Oracle EBS Approvals Now on Mobile

    Sanctions Screening Solution

    HPC Revitalized

    Moodle New Experience!

    The IT Team ITILISED

  • What's Up Out There? 

     AI in Healthcare 

     Apple Accessibility

     Mind Rockets Avatars

     Google Translate Works Like Magic

  • What About Security? 
nspector ZAK Appears in LIBFLIX!
  • ​Events 

     Lebanon Internet Governance Forum

     Cyber Security Day

  • Keep In Mind! 

    20 Cool Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

    10 Tech Life Hacks

TECHTUNES - Issue # 4


    Today's Bundle:
    • What's New by IT @ AUB?
      New HR Self-Service Release
      OneDrive for Business Replaces X-Drive
      Classroom Emergency Support Model
      Faculty Teaching Workload
      College Hall B1 Auditorium Revamped
      IT Launches The Information Security Awareness Campaign (ISAC)​
    • What's Up Out There? 
      Inclusion in action
      MOOCs and Beyond
      Big Data! Why? How does it work?
    • What About Security? 
      Do You Really Need to cover the Camera on Your Laptop?
      Beware of Adware
      What is Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin Safe?
      Inspector Zak's Q&A
    • ​Events 
      CERN's Visit
      AUB Stanford WiDS Annual Conference 2018
    • Keep In Mind! 
      10 Amazing Keyboard Shortcuts You Are Not Using
      Inclusive Online Course Design: ADA Compliance​

TECHTUNES - Issue # 3


  • What's New by IT @ AUB?
    Undergraduate Admission Online Payment
    Student Family Tree
    Student Software Factory
    Online Career Services
    The Health Initiative Map
  • What's Up Out There? 
    Students of the Future
    EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning Membership
    Make Technology Accessible for EveryOne
  • What About Security? 
    How to keep your login-ins safe?
    How To Know if a Website is Secure?
    Your Phone Is Your Most Vulnerable Gadget!
  • ​Events 
    Online EDUCAUSE Events 
    Jack Allison's Visit
    AlGhurair Foundation (AGFE) - MIT Engagement
    Digital Transformation Middle East 2017
  • Keep In Mind! 
​     Keyboard Ergonomics
     IT Likes to Hear from You!

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