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​Prof. Seth R. Marder's public talk entitled, "A Personal View of Being A Professor".




Quotes from Prof. Marder on “Personal View of Being a Professor": 

- "For many who may become familiar with my and other people’s accomplishments through what they see on the web, through literature searches, and perhaps reading their papers, these activities tend to only provide insight on the person’s successes."

- "In this manner young people may get the impression that successful people are so, because they are strong, bright, and do not fail."

- "For most people like myself who have achieved some level of success and perhaps recognition throughout their career, the picture I just painted is often far from reality."

- "Many people like myself have had our own share of setbacks, insecurities, and in some cases outright failures."

- "We are not perfect; we will from time to time hit a wall.  The question is “what then?"  Do we learn and grow from the experience, do we get temporarily paralyzed, do we give up, or do we persevere?"

- "The realization that we are not alone or somehow damaged because we are not perfect is critically important to our ability to bounce back from a challenge."

- "While we must continually strive to improve, at the same time we need to learn to accept ourselves, with all of our imperfections.​"

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