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Society of the Friends the Museum

Contact us

Mrs. Najla Ataya - Abou Jaoude, Museum Society Secretary 

Tel: + 961 1 350000 - ext. 2662
Fax: + 961 1 363235

Aims of the Society

Its objective is to spread the interest in archaeology to the AUB community and to everyone living in Lebanon and abroad.
The society of the Friends of the Museum supports the AUB Museum by holding fund-raising events: its major achievement has been the sponsorship of the total renovation of the Museum in 2006.

Become a member

Categories of Membership:
- Student                $10 (must present valid full-time ID)
- Member               $100
- Family                  $150
- Contributor          $200
- Fellow                  $500


The Society runs a full program of activities which are open to the public. These include lectures, temporary exhibitions, and children's programs, cultural trips in Lebanon and abroad and the publication of the newsletter.

In addition to the regular program of yearly activities, members enjoy the following privileges:

- Gallery Talks and Museum Tours
- Museum Newsletter
- Trips in Lebanon and abroad
- Expert Consultations upon request
- Advance notice of all activities and lectures

Society trips

Since 1980, the Society of the Friends of the AUB Museum organizes each year one or several Archaeological Tours in Lebanon and around the world. The tours stress the historical, cultural and archaeological aspects of the areas visited.

The tours are small groups with special itineraries customized for the AUB Museum and led by noted scholars, who can provide unique access to places of historical or cultural significance. The Society takes many day trips from Beirut throughout the year, and also organizes in depth tours to locations all over the Middle East as well as exotic places all over the world.

Previous locations have included 23 trips in Lebanon, 17 trips to different regions in Syris and 33 trips all around the world like Vietnam, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, China, Burma, Russia, Egypt, Sicily, Greece, Yemen, Mexico, Tunisia, Morocco, Cyprus...

                               Trip to Upper Egypt (1983)                                                                                   Trip to Palmyra (1982)

                                   Trip to Tripoli (2011)                                                                       Trip to Mar Tadros - Behdidat (2010)

                                         Trip to Malta (2010)                                                                                          Trip to Jordan (1993)

                                                      The Oasis of Egypt (2000)                                       Trip to Yemen (1982)

                                    Trip to Greece (1996)                                                                                      Trip to Mexico (1997)

                                        Trip to India (2010)                                                                                     Trip to Tell Arqa (1980)


Children's Program

Four times a year, the Comittee of the Children Program in the AUB Museum organizes an activity related to archaeology or history. This program takes place on Sundays, either in the Archaeological Museum premises or at locations around Lebanon.

The aim of this program is to foster children's interest in history and archaeology by teaching them through games, arts and crafts.

                       "If you were told about mosaics" (1983)                                                           Mosaics of Beit ed Dine (1997)

                                  "A Knight's Tale" (2009)                                                    "Reviving the Olympic Games" in AUB Green Field (2004)

                                   Plays performed by the kids in Byblos (2008)               "All about olives" in Chhim (2002)

                 Building mud brick houses in Terbol (2008)                                                     Masks throught the ages (2008)

                        "Discover caving" in Akoura (1997)                                                        "Temples and Gods" in Faqra (2010)

History of soap in Saida (2000)


The Society of Friends of the AUB Museum organizes a series of lectures on archaeology or history subjects. The lectures are held by local and foreign speakers. They are organized once a month, on Wednesday at 5:30 pm, in the Study Collection Hall (SCH) in Post Hall. Lectures are followed by a small reception in the Museum Gallery.


The Society of the Friends of the AUB Museum organizes exhibitions dealing with different subjects related to the Museum Collections.

             Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition in the Museum (1999)                                                  Jewelry exhibition (1998)

                                                                            Musical Instruments through the ages (2011)

                  Photographic exhibition of the 10th Anniversary of the Underwater Heritage Convention - ICOM UNESCO (2011)


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