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MADA Collection



Mada is a non sectarian NGO established in Lebanon in year 2000. Mada works with different groups in various developmental and environmental projects in Lebanon to facilitate dynamics of change based on endogenous and inclusive efforts as well as policies and regulations appropriate to local realities
Since 2000, Mada has implemented several projects in the North (Akkar- Donnieh) and Hermel areas in ecotourism, social development, conservation, education and land use planning.


In line with the suggestion of the SDATL[1] (2004), which has designated the area of Akkar Donnieh (Upper North Lebanon) at the Heart of the unique Natural National Park in Lebanon, Mada initiated since 2005 a partnership with concerned municipalities aiming at setting the path towards the establishment of a Natural National Park over a pilot area (220 km2), in the  Akkar region.



Mada’s plant collection is the result of extensive field work performed by Dr Elsa Sattout, assisted by Eng. Dominique Choueiter. The Flora assessment activities were piloted by a Scientific Steering committee[2] gathering national and international experts[3]. The plants were identified by Dr. Sattout who referred to the Post herbarium collections in close  cooperation with Dr Nada Sinno Saoud (Herbarium curator).


The property of this unique collection from the Akkar region goes back to the municipalities of Akkar el Attika, Fnaideq, Hrar, Muchmuch, Qabait, Qobayat as well as the local communities of Qememine, Jayroun, Assaymout, Qarne. The collection is housed in the Post Herbarium.


[1] National Master Plan for Lebanon

[2] The SSC is composed of Georges Akl and Nabil Assaf, (Ministry of Environment); Carla Khater, (project’s scientific back stopper); Arnaud Martin (University Montpellier II -France); Marie-Hélène Parizeau( University of Laval- Québec); Isabelle Peillen, (Project Coordinator); Nada Saoud (Herbarium curator- AUB); Elsa J. Sattout, (Project's Principal Investigator on terrestrial ecosystems and flora assessment).

[3] This part of the whole project towards the creation of the Park has been funded by the Royal Society for Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and the Swiss cooperation (SDC).

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