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Mrs. Dodge Fern Collection

Mrs. Dodge, was the wife of Dr. David Stuart Dodge who laid the foundations of the Syrian Protestant College (Now AUB) in association with Dr. Daniel Bliss first in America then in Syria. Dr David Dodge was highly interested in the intellectual development of the College that the interest of his life was the growth and influence of this institution for high learning in Beirut. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the university for 40 years in addition to being the Secretary, Treasurer and the President of the Trustees.


He was also the first Professor to be nominated by the Board of Managers.

The total amount of his benefactions to the college can not be ascertained. Ada Dodge Memorial Hall was his gift to the college in memory of his only daughter who passed away young. The land for the two athletic fields, the observatory and its equipment were from him. There is scarcely a building on campus but represents his beneficence in some way. He enriched the herbarium by a magnificent collection of ferns from all quarters of the world. These ferns were gathered and beautifully mounted by his wife. The collection consists of a big set of ferns from Ceylon, Natal, St. Helena, Trinidad and Japan. Another set of about 25 specimens placed in a distinctive Victorian fashion on smaller sheets could be from the New Zealand ferns by Eric Craig.











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