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Equity & Title IX Institutional Network

​​​Members of the Equity & Title IX Network are recommended by senior leadership and appointed by the President. The network includes the following:

Advisory Council

Members of the Council advise the President, Equity & Title IX Coordinator, and program. 

  • Brigitte Khoury (Council Chair), Associate Professor, Psychiatry Department, FM  
  • Hanin Abdallah, Senior Lecturer, Marketing, Management, & Entrepreneurship, OSB 
  • Samar Diab, Director, AUB Human Resources 
  • Khouzama Knio (Title IX Deputy), Professor, Biology Department, FAS 
  • Maria Mansour (Title IX Deputy), Director, Office of Financial Planning
  • Issam Srour (Title IX Deputy), Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, SFEA 

Equity & Title IX Coordinators 

AUB's Title IX Coordinator oversees the Equity & Title IX Program, based in the  Office of the President, which is responsible for organizing the University’s response to discrimination, including sex or gender-based harassment. Programming includes campus outreach, training, and oversight of formal panel investigations of discrimination complaints.

Deputy Title IX Coordinators serve as champions for non­discrimination and anti-harassment efforts in their respective faculty, school, or unit. Deputies collaborate with the Title IX Coordinator to support equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts on campus. Students, faculty, staff, and other members of the AUB community can contact Deputies to access information or to report discrimination or discriminatory harassment.

FAFS: Lara Nasreddine 
Associate Professor
Nutrition & Food Toxicology
Agriculture Bldg.
Wing B  413 – Ext. 4547

FAS: Fatima Abu Salem Associate Professor
Computer Science
Bliss 305 – Ext. 4224

FAS: Khouzama Knio
Professor, Biology
Biology Bldg. 215
Ext. 3886

FHS: Lilian Ghandour

Associate Professor,
Epidemiology & Population Health, Vandyck Bldg. 207 
Ext. 4643

FM: Ghassan Matar
Professor & Vice Chairman
Experimental Pathology, Immunology & Microbiology
DTS Bldg. 2nd Floor ​ 229 
Ext. 5128

FM: Umayya Musharraffieh
Professor of Clinical
Specialty, Family Medicine
Sawwaf Bldg. 410
Ext. 3042

​HSON: Gladys Honein
Assistant Professor
Hariri School of Nursing
52​0 – Ext. 5977​

OSB: Fida Afiouni
Associate Professor
Marketing, Management, & Entrepreneurship Track
OSB 306  – Ext. 3725

​OSB: Fida Kanaan Kharrat
Executive Education Program
OSB 442C – Ext. 3938

SFEA: Mariette Awad
Associate Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Bechtel Engineering Bldg.
429 – Ext. 3528

SFEA: Issam Srour

Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bechtel Engineering Bldg. 526 – Ext. 3491

May Awar Ammar
Associate Director
Office of Grants
& Contracts
College Hall 215B
Ext. 2979

​Maria Mansour
Financial Planning
College Hall 218
Ext. 2441

Nabil Mansour
Executive Officer / HR Specialist, Faculty Affairs, FM Dean's Office
Saab Medical Library
Bldg. 319 – Ext. 4716

Nadine Rizk
Recruitment Officer
Dean’s Office, FAS
Jesup Bldg. 306
Ext. 3808

Title IX Resolution Panel Pool 

Advisory Council members, Deputies, as well as additional faculty and staff are qualified to serve at the request of the President or Provost on panels formed to evaluate reports of sex-based discrimination including harassment. ​The additional certified members of the network are listed her​e.  

Members of AUB's Equity & Title IX Network are certified by the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA). 


Title IX Program and FAQs ​


Equity & Title IX Coordinator
Trudi Hodges
Office of the President 
College Hall, Room 425
Ext. 2514 or 03595525 


Do I have to contact the Deputy in my faculty, if I see or experience discrimination or harassment?

No, you can talk to any Deputy or directly contact the Equity & Title IX program. You should talk to the person with whom you feel most comfortable.

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