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Continuing Education Center (CEC)
Cultural & Humanitarian Studies

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  • Humanitarian Certificate

    This certification, in collaboration with DisasterReady , will introduce the Core Humanitarian Principles and Standards as a framework to support local organizations in establishing internal emergency response systems, improving the quality of response, and fostering collaboration.  

    • CHMN 101 - Principles and Standards of Humanitarianism
    • CHMN 102 - Safety, Security and Staff Care
    • CHMN 103 - Humanitarian Programming
    • CHMN 104 - Humanitarian Leadership and Operations 

  • Cultural Diplomacy Certificate

    The objective of this program is to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of international relations within the contemporary interdependent world, while placing a particular emphasis on cultural diplomacy within this framework.

    • CCDC 101 - International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy
    • CCDC 201 - Global Governance and Cultural Diplomacy
    • CCDC 202 - Cultural Diplomacy and Conflict Zone Mediation
    • CCDC 203 - Cultural Diplomacy, Sustainable Development and the Global Markets
    • CCDC 204 - Cultural Diplomacy by the Arts, Music and Cinema

Non-Credit Courses:                      Pre-Register Here

  • Gourmet Tasting Culture Non-Credit Course | 36 Hrs 

    CGTC 101: This course introduces students to the quality, origin, characteristics, and vintage of wine, spirits, and cigars. Students will discover the major wine producing regions and will learn how to purchase wine at retail stores and restaurants. Wine tasting and flavor components, pairing food with wine, storage procedures, wine etiquette, wine service, and cigar production are among the topics that will be discussed. The course includes trips to wineries that will be charged separately.

  • Leadership Skills for NGOs Level V Non-Credit Course | 36 Hrs

    CLDS 205 - The main objectives of this course are to introduce participants to the essential skills needed for a successful NGO Trainer, and to help them plan, implement and evaluate one training course for their fellow NGO members who are taking CLDS 202. Main topics include: Characteristics of a successful training program, research methods for training needs assessment, structure of a training program, managing training problems, emotional intelligence and motivation, emotional intelligence and happiness.

Special Programs:

  • The AUB Summer Program for AUB Alumni Children (SPAAC)

    SPAAC offers AUB alumni children the opportunity to experience campus life while learning about Lebanon’s rich history and culture. The summer program aims at keeping the student’s knowledge of their heritage, expanding their understanding of the modern Middle East, and strengthening alumni ties through their experiences of their children. This summer program is a rich and pleasurable educational experience, and a unique opportunity to enjoy the summer, make new friends, get a taste of college life, and explore Lebanon. To read more about the SPAAC Program, click here.

    • Standard Arabic Language
    • Colloquial Arabic
    • Contemporary Lebanese Studies
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