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Continuing Education Center (CEC)
​​​Business and Management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Diplomas:                               Pre-Register Here

  • Aviation Management Diploma​

    This diploma program equips participants with the skills required to pursue a successful career in various sectors of the air transport industry including airlines, airport companies and authorities, civil aviation departments, and air transport consultancies. The program provides the managerial and practical skills required to assist the participants to become more valuable employees or potential employees to international aviation businesses.

    • CAVM 201 - Aviation Strategic Management
    • CAVM 202 - Air Transport Economics
    • CAVM 203 - Aviation Marketing
    • CAVM 301 - Airport Design and Master Planning
    • CAVM 302 - Airline Business Management 
    • CAVM 303 - Research Methods and Forecasting in Aviation​

  • ​​Human Resources Management Diploma​

    ​This diploma program provides a comprehensive overview of HRM roles and responsibilities in the workplace from a strategic perspective. It fosters and develops the participants’ professional expertise and competencies. This diploma program involves an intensive education program using traditional classroom instruction, hands-on case studies, and executive presentations.

    • CHRM 101 - Overview of Human Resource Management
    • CHRM 201 - Workforce Planning and Staffing
    • CHRM 202 - Total Compensation and Benefits
    • CHRM 203 - Employee Training and Development
    • CHRM 301 - Managing Human Behavior in Organizations
    • CHRM 302 - Managing the Employment Relationship: HRM, Society and the Law
    • CHRM 401 - Strategic Management
    • CHRM 402 - Advanced Topics in Human Capital Management

  • The objective of this diploma is to pr
    ovide an advanced and comprehensive overview of marketing from basic to strategic. The components of marketing, such as consumer behavior, sales management, marketing communication, marketing research, market segmentation, and strategic marketing planning will be emphasized.

    • CMKT 101 - Princinples of Marketing
    • CMKT 202 - Marketing Research
    • CMKT 301 - Marketing Communications and Advertising
    • CMKT 302 - Sales Management
    • CMKT 401 - Services Marketing
    • CMKT 402 - Public Relations
    • CMKT 403 - Consumer Behavior
    • CMKT 404 - International Marketing

  • Project Management Diploma​​

    Upon mastering basic PM skills and techniques in the PM certificate, this diploma offers an advanced, and practical, project management training in critical areas such as construction planning, financing and economic feasibility, procurement, supply chain management, and quality assurance. The Project Management diploma will be granted upon completing the four core courses (CRPM 202, 203, 204, and 316) of the Project Management certificate ​in addition to five electives from the list below:​ ​​

    • CPRM 205 - Green Project Management and Sustainable Construction
    • CPRM 302 - Design Project Management
    • CPRM 303 - Construction Project Management
    • CPRM 304 - Construction Contract Administration under the FIDIC Conditions 
    • CPRM 3​05 - Pre-Project Planning
    • CPRM 310 - Project Economic Feasibility
    • CPRM 311 - Managerial Risk and Decision Analysis
    • CPRM 312 - Program Management 
    • CPRM 313 - Supply Chain Management
    • CPRM 329 - Technology and Innovation Management

  • Taxation Diploma​

    The purpose of this program is to present participants with valued insight into the Lebanese tax system and more importantly to provide them with the information to best grasp this system in order to legally minimize their tax liability while promoting compliance and transparency, which would complement the global trend advocated by the OECD’s tax policies allowing Lebanon to play an effective role in effective tax planning on an international level as well.​

    • CTAX 200 - Tax Concepts
    • CTAX 201 - Income Tax
    • CTAX 202 - Indirect Taxes
    • CTAX 203 - Payroll Tax and Social Security Contributions 
    • CTAX 204 - Value Added Tax 
    • CTAX 205 - Tax on properties and Wealth 
    • CTAX 206 - Tax Procedures and Objections
    • CTAX 207 - International Tax Structuring

Certificates:                               ​​Pre-Register Here​​​

  • Accounting Studies Certificate

    The objective of this program is to provide learning opportunities in selected aspects of accounting with emphasis on modern developments. 

    • CACT 101 - Principles of Accounting I
    • CACT 201 - Principles of Accounting II
    • CACT 301 - Cost Accounting and Control
    • CACT 302 - Auditing  ​

  • ​The Project Management Associate program offers participants the opportunity to define, plan and execute a project no matter how simple or complex it may be. Participants will acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver successful projects both on time and within budget while meeting any performance specifications determined from the onset. At a fundamental level, participants will explore the ins and outs of project management and the project life cycle including project scope management, project time management, project cost management, project communications management, project risk management, project procurement management, project human resource management and project stakeholder management. Students will examine the key skills of a project manager and learn how to develop and apply those skills for project success. Participants will also learn how to create a project schedule, resource plan and budget and how to monitor and evaluate a project to manage time, cost, scope, and resources effectively.

    • CPRM 102 - Emotional Intelligence and Project Leadership
    • CPRM 103 - Project Schedule Management
    • CPRM 104 - Project Stakeholder Engagement and Management
    • CPRM 216 - Project Risk Analysis and Mitigation 

  • The objective of this program is to provide participants with thorough grounding in aviation-related topics which are management, operation and regulation. The courses are carefully selected to equip the participants with the skills required to pursue a successful career in various sectors of the aviation industry.

    • CAVM 101 - Air-Transport Fundamentals
    • CAVM 102 - Aviation Policy and Regulation
    • CAVM 103 - Aviation Operations Management
    • CAVM 104 - Aviation Safety Management Systems​
  • Entrepreneurs and Lean Startups Certificate

    The objective of this program is to provide a world-class learning opportunity in key aspects of the entrepreneurship cycle, and to build a talented pool of aspiring and potential co-founders and early startup employees to drive startup formation and growth in Lebanon and the MENA region. The program emphasizes project-based and applied learning in order to absorb and apply the various tools and strategies that are critical to the startup process.

    • CELS 101 - Ideation and Startup Formation
    • CELS 102 - Marketing and User Acquisition
    • CELS 103 - Building the Startup Dream Team
    • CELS 104 - Financial and Legal Fun
  • Essentials of Business Certificate

    ​The objective of this program is to provide learning opportunities in selected aspects of business with emphasis on modern developments. Some may consider enrolling in individual courses to continue their professional development and will be given attestations of completed courses.

    • CACT 101 - Principles of Accounting I
    • CMKT 101 - Principles of Marketing
    • CECN 101 - Introduction to Economics
    • CMGT 101 - Principles of Management
    • CECN 301 - Money and Banking
    • CFIN 101 - Principles of Finance
  • Financial Management Certificate​

    The objective of this program is to introduce participants to the process of financial decision-making to serve various business objectives in different settings. The program enables participants to deal with financial decisions facing businesses, household savers, and institutional and individual investors. Participants cover the areas of financial management, financial reports, security analysis, and banking activities.

    • CFIN 101 - Principles of Finance
    • CFIN 301 - Financial Statement Analysis
    • CFIN 302 - Investment Analysis
    • CFIN 303 - Commercial Banking
  • Human Resource Management Certificate

    The objective of this certificate is to offer instruction on practical, current issues in the human resource field for professional development. Increasingly, companies in Lebanon realize that a motivated, appropriately selected, trained, appraised and compensated workforce is critical to improving company financial performance and success. Human resource professionals facilitate this process through effective management of human resource issues.

    • CHRM 101 - Overview of Human Resource Management
    • CHRM 201 - Workforce Planning and Staffing
    • CHRM 202 - Total Compensation and Benefits
    • CHRM 203 - Employee Training and Development

  • This program aims to introduce participants to the essential skills needed to be successful leaders in the field of social work. Participants will be guided to discover their leadership skills, strengths and weaknesses. They will also learn how to design their own self-development plans and develop strategies to improve the organizations they are working in.​

    • CLDC 100 - Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level I
    • CLDS 202 - Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level II
    • CLDS 203 - Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level III
    • CLDS 204 - Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level IV​
  • Marketing Management Certificate

    The objective of this program is to provide participants with an understanding of the marketing-management process. The basic components of marketin
    g, such as consumer behavior, marketing research, product distribution, promotion, and price planning will be emphasized.

    • CMKT 101 - Principles of Marketing 
    • CMKT 202 - Marketing Research
    • CMKT 301 - Marketing Communications and Adverting
    • CMKT 302 - Sales Management​
  • Office Management Certificate

    The objective of this program is to develop efficient executive secretaries to facilitate the complex and demanding jobs of today’s executives.

    • CBUS 101 - Introduction to Business
    • CBUS 102 - Business English
    • CBUS 202 - Office Procedures and Routines
    • CBUS 203 - Office Automation

  • The objective of this program is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed as medical representatives. The program is composed of a multitude of exercises, role plays, and guidelines designed to help students to master sales skills by better understanding customers’ profiles and needs.

    • CPHS 100 - The Art of Selling​
    • CPHS 101 - Keys to Communication Excellence
    • CPHS 102 - Optimizing Sales Effectiveness
    • CPHS 103 - Fundamental Marketing Dynamics

  • The objective of this program is to enable participants to successfully lead their teams while taking into consideration the overall business operation. Participants will learn advanced marketing tools, brand management strategies, as well as forecasting and data analysis techniques.

    • CPHM 200 - Team Leading
    • CPHM 201 - Tools for Enhanced Performance
    • CPHM 202 - Mastering Marketing Tactics
    • CPHM 203 - Building Blocks for Successful Management

  • The objective of this program is to enable participants to develop the skills and knowledge needed to successfully manage the business in all its aspects and ensure it meets its goals. Participants will gain an understanding of all aspects of the business operation including managerial skills, marketing, financial analysis, human resources, as well as accurate usage and analysis of data for decision-making. They will build on their communication expertise and acquire advanced negotiation skills which will allow them to recognize and build strong and effective teams.​

    • CPHL 300 - Mastering Leadership
    • CPHL 301 - Pyramid of Marketing
    • CPHL 302 - Strategic Financial Management
    • CPHL 303 - Keys to Best Operational Performance
  • Project Management Certificate​

    This certificate program, open to university graduates who have few years of experience, provides participants with the ability to achieve these objectives via effective project management. Participants will master (i) leadership and communication skills (ii) project scheduling and cost control principles, (iii) stakeholders categorizing and managing and (iv) risk identification and mitigation. ​​

    • CPRM 202 - Project Leadership and Communication 
    • CPRM 203 - Project ​Scheduling and Control Tools
    • CPRM 204 - Project Stakeholder Management
    • CPRM 316​ - Project Risk Management​​

Non-Credit Courses:                ​ ​Pre-Register Here

  • ​Balanced Scorecard Management System Non-Credit Course | 45 hrs
    CBSC 201: This course focuses on developing the understanding of participants about the BSC system. Students will learn how to use the BSC system to keep track of an organization’s performance in order to monitor how well it is achieving its goals. The course includes practical training on developing strategy maps and measuring initiatives.

  • Business Protocol and Etiquette Non-Credit Course | 36 hrs
    CIPE 201: This course teaches students how to greet people, converse with them, understand their business and management styles while respecting their cultural attitudes. Topics include: first impressions and networking skills, dressing for success, communication at its best, business lunching and dining etiquette, hosting business potentials, and mastering business meetings.

  • Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional Non-Credit Course | 21 hrs​
    CNAP 201: CNAP is a copyright-protected US training program developed by NonProfitCPAs in the U.S. Completing the CNAP program will prepare you to successfully meet the specific challenges of fiscal management in the not-for-profit context. An online exam will be administered within a week from the end of the training program. It is an open book exam, and candidates have two chances to pass the exam. You will be entitled, upon completion of the program, to place the letters “CNAP” after your signature on any official document.​​

  • The Certified Associate in Project Management Non-Credit Course | 25 hrs
    CPRM 200: This course provides junior project managers with the basic knowledge and preparation required to pass the CAPM certification exam. It follows the outline of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Each topic is introduced and discussed, with emphasis on the Inputs-Processes-Tools and Techniques-Outputs structure outlined in the PMBOK. This course is approved for credit (25 PDUs) by the Project Management Institute.

  • Customer Relationship Management Non-Credit Course | 25 hrs
    CCRM 201: This course highlights the importance of a customer to the success of any business and discusses the cost of acquiring and/or retaining a customer and the evaluation of the monetary value of a customer. The training also covers the main business challenges that companies face at present, and how can CRM help them address such challenges. This is followed by a detailed discussion of CRM, including implementation strategies, how we can improve customer satisfaction / retention, and company profitability.

  • E-Commerce Management Non-Credit Course | 42 hrs
    CMKT 501: In this course and through a hands-on approach, students will learn how to develop, market, and manage an e-commerce business. Students’ personal laptops are required.

  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management Non-Credit Course | 10 hrs
    CEMG 102: This course provides participants with an understanding of the importance of inventory in supply chain management. It includes hands-on tools for managing the stock of different types of products in effective ways that balance supply, demand and logistical costs. Inventory management in multi-location, supply chain settings, is briefly discussed.

  • Leadership Skills Non-Credit Course | 36 hrs
    CLDS 101: The objective of this course is to introduce the participants to the essential skills needed for a successful leader. Participants will be able to determine their leadership qualities and personal leadership style. They will also understand their responsibility in developing further as leaders. Participants will learn how to set, evaluate, and follow up on short and long-term objectives. This course will use a practical approach emphasizing exercises, discussion, group work, and practical experience. A pre- test will be given at the beginning of the course and a post-test at the end so that participants will be able to evaluate their leadership skills and plan for improvement. ​

  • Project Economic Feasibility Non-Credit Course​ | 10 hrs
    CEMG 101: This course is an introduction to the basic methods for analyzing the economic feasibility of projects in engineering, business, and other fields, based on the key concept of time value of money. The methods include present value, rate of return, payback period, and other common feasibility analysis techniques.

  • ​Real Estate Brokerage Course (With Certification) | 42 hrs

    CREC 201:​​ This course is designed to equip those aspiring for a career in Real Estate Brokerage with the basic skills needed for the profession, as well as necessary information required for applying for, and passing, the Realtor Certification Exam that is a pre- requisite for becoming a member of the Real Estate Association of Lebanon (REAL), the national realtors syndicate. The core courses content is developed to conform to best practices of realtor certification elsewhere in the world, particularly the USA, where REAL has an affiliation with the National realtors Association (NAR). Upon successful completion of the core curriculum, candidates will be asked to apply for the national certification exam. The course schedule is designed to fit the requirements of both full and part time professionals.​

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