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Continuing Education Center (CEC)

​​​​​​​​​Certificates:                             Pre-Register Here

​Non-Credit Courses:                  ​Pre-Register Here

  • ​English for GMAT Non-Credit Course | 42 Hrs​​

    CGMT 201: This course aims to familiarize students with the English (Verbal) component of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). It helps students improve their essay writing skills, their grammar skills, their ability to read and understand short complex passages, and be able to develop their critical reasoning skills.

  • Math for GMAT Non-Credit Course | 42 Hrs

    CGMT 202: This course aims to familiarize students with the Mathematical (Quantitative) component of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). It helps them understand how Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) works, tackle effectively both types of multiple choice questions that are usually given on the Mathematical sections of the GMAT (i.e., standard multiple choice questions and data sufficiency questions), review in detail the fundamental Mathematical concepts to be tested on the GMAT, and finally help them develop their problem solving skills through extensive practice.

  • MCAT Non-Credit Course | 36 Hrs

    CMCT 201: This course aims at improving the critical thinking and core knowledge of participants in the content of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) as determined by the latest editions of Kaplan and Princeton Review, and at enhancing their writing skills and test-taking skills in order to attain a competitive score in the MCAT. Participants will do practice tests in each segment of the MCAT biology, physics, chemistry, writing and verbal reasoning.​

  • English for SAT Non-Credit Course | 45 Hrs

    CSAT 201: This course aims to familiarize students with the English c​omponent of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It helps them practice their English language skills and vocabulary.​

  • Math for SAT Non-Credit Course | 45 Hrs
    CSAT 202: This course aims to familiarize students with the mathematical and reasoning components of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). It reviews mathematical concepts and helps students practice their basic math and reasoning skills.

    Special Programs:​  

    • Life Centered Education Certificate​ 

      This certificate aims to provide students with special needs with a functional/career education program that responds to their needs and prepares them for career attainment. Its courses address a variety of subject matters in English, Arabic, Math, computer skills, drama, and art in addition to internships in selected business platforms. The certificate’s program offers knowledge and skills for students to be effective, independent productive individuals in careers that are best suited to their likes and strengths.​ To read more about the Next Step Program, click here.​​​​

      • CLCE 100 - English I 
      • CLCE 101 - English II
      • CLCE 102 - Arabic I
      • CLCE 103 - Arabic II
      • CLCE 104 - Math I
      • CLCE 105 - Math II
      • CLCE 106 - Computer and Expressive Arts I
      • CLCE 107 - Computer and Expressive Arts II​
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