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Continuing Education Center (CEC)
Interior Design Diploma

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This diploma program equips students with the methods and skills needed to temper the urgent problems generated by a rapidly growing demography and to create a friendly urban environment. The courses will address the different types of living spaces, the different concepts of interior design, and the different methods for combining aesthetic factors with cost and functional concerns. Graphic illustrations, sketches, case studies, AutoCAD, and real models will be used.

​​​​Course Description

CINR 101 Basic Skills f​or Interior Design | 48 hrs

This course teaches the student to develop skills and techniques in order to visualize interior design ideas; develop critical thinking and creativity in relation to space, with the ability to draw sketches and learn survey of sites. Read existing structures, scaled plans, elevations and sections with a hint of presentations, renderings and knowledge of volume and proportions. Students explore the fundamentals of interior construction. 

CINR 102 Elements and History of Design Styles | 48 hrs 

This course introduces the elements that affect the interior spaces, focusing on color and its implications, fundamentals of lighting design and major finish materials. Students will explore furniture styles from renaissance till modern era, with special consideration given to the cultural, social, and political contexts in which they were designed and used. Site visits to galleries, art spaces and showrooms will be organized. Prerequisite: CINR 101. 

CINR 103 Drawing and Rendering for Interior Spaces | 48 hrs

This course concentrates on hand drawing and introduces rendering materials, methods, techniques, shades and shadows. Students will use mixed media to learn the color theory. They will also learn the mechanical skills needed to visually communicate spatial concepts and develop floor plans into three-dimensional interiors by exploring the principles of isometric views and one point perspective drawing. 

CINR 201 AutoCAD for Interior Designers |48 hrs

Using a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on exercises, this course will introduce the basic tools necessary to translate drafting skills into a digital format. It will focus on the concepts and the use of key commands of AutoCAD, the leading drafting software for the construction and design industry, required to draw and print 2D engineering drawings. Prerequisite: CINR 101. 

CINR 202 Practice of Interior Design | 48 hrs

The course will enhance students’ problem-solving capabilities, technical drawing and analytical skills. Students will develop a professional and creative approach to design by presenting a complete residential project. Prerequisites: CINR 102 and CINR 201. 

CINR 203 Technical Detailing and Execution Drawing | 48 hrs 

The course concentrates on presentation techniques, survey, construction and detailing. Taking a specific area of the residential project (bathroom, kitchen), students will explore and learn construction methods, appropriate use of materials and how to detail joints and junctions. The studio project work is supported by a series of lectures on materials with visits to showrooms and suppliers to develop awareness of current ranges, materials and finishes. Prerequisites: CINR 102 and CINR 201 

CINR 301 Advanced Interior Architecture Project | 48 hrs 

This course deals with large scale projects, public and commercial. Students will be involved in researching the influence of human factors and design standards in order to analyze existing spaces and propose creative design solutions that will satisfy the new project requirements. Prerequisites: CINR 202 and CINR 203 

CINR 302 Supervised Research Project | 48 hrs

This course develops the research skills of the student in undertaking a supervised project from concept to readiness for execution. Emphasis is on methodology, structuring of ideas and final presentation of a complete rendered project. Prerequisite: CINR 301. ​​


This program consists of these eight courses to be completed in four years.

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To register, send all required documents to or pass by CEC's office.​​​​​​

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