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Continuing Education Center (CEC)
Leadership Skills For NGOs Certificate

Objective​​​​​                                                             ​Pre-Register Here

This program aims to introduce participants to the essential skills needed to be successful leaders in the field of social work. Participants will be guided to discover their leadership skills, strengths and weaknesses. They will also learn how to design their own self-development plans and develop strategies to improve the organizations they are working in.​

Course Description

CLDS 100 Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level I | 36 hrs 

This course provides the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful NGO leader, and helps them understand their role in developing their leadership skills as well as the skills of their colleagues. The main topics include: setting objectives, communication and listening skills, team work and group dynamics, time management, and the importance of planning, evaluating and follow up. 

CLDS 202 Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level II | 36 hrs 

The main objectives of this course are to help the participants assess their current leadership skills, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and understand the role of emotional intelligence in leadership and management. The main topics include: SWOT analysis, brain science and emotional intelligence, positive and negative emotions, conflict management, empowerment and delegation. 

CLDS 203 Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level III | 36 hrs 

In this course participants will acquire and master skills necessary for successful NGO leaders, and develop plans to foster leadership training in their NGO’s and local communities. The main topics include: understanding one self, understanding others, leading one self and leading other, importance of training and development, training need assessment, planning for change, and social and environmental implications for NGO’s. 

CLDS 204 Leadership Skills for NGO’s Level IV | 36 hrs 

The main objectives of this course are to introduce participants to the essential skills needed for successful NGO assistant trainers and prepare them to plan, implement and evaluate one training course for their fellow NGO members (the course title is Leadership Skills Level I). Main topics include: Assessing training needs, the training cycle, developing training objectives, developing training programs, implementing and evaluating training, counseling skills, and key training issues. 


The program is composed of these four courses to be completed in two years. ​​

To Register

To register, send all required documents to or pass by CEC's office.​​​​​

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