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Continuing Education Center (CEC)
Leadership & Management in Nursing

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This program helps build the managerial capacity of nurse managers or nurses in charge of leading and managing skills to ensure success in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. It emphasizes the use of creativity in problem solving and decision- making thus promoting critical thinking, an essential element in the nursing process. It introduces nurses to the change process and control measures which contribute to the improvement of nursing practice. This program allows the nurses to examine their role as leaders in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Course​ Description​​

CNRS 301 Foundations of Leadership and Management in Nursing | 30 hrs

This course focuses on the requisites and foundations of successful and effective leadership and management. The topics that will be discussed include: problem solving, decision-making, critical thinking, communication, ethical issues, and emotional intelligence.

CNRS 302 Leading Towards Effective Patient Care Management | 30 hrs

This course focuses on the various leadership skills. Organizational structure, strategic and operational planning, time management, staffing, conflict management, delegation, and performance appraisal will be discussed.

CNRS 303 Managing Quality Improvement | 30 hrs

In this course, students will be provided with the basic concepts and tools necessary to manage quality improvement. Topics include: quality management and utilization, accreditation and risk management, patients relations and patients satisfaction as quality indicator, development of policies and procedures, human resource management, and evidence based nursing management.

CNRS 304 Advanced Management Practice | 30 hrs

This is an advanced short course that concentrates on the following major areas: development of policies and procedures, human resource management, and evidence based nursing management.

CNRS 305 Practicum | 60 hrs

The practicum would be divided into clinical rotation with hands on or observation depending if the participants are Lebanese or not. Other rotations would be to Human Resources department, patient relation department, quality and risk management office, and nursing office for observation. This course includes a project writing related to improvement initiative or clinical problem.​

To Register

To register, send all required documents to or pass by CEC's office.​​​​​​​

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