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Continuing Education Center (CEC)
Office Management Certificate

Objective​​​                                                            Pre-Register Here

The objective of this program is to develop efficient executive secretaries to facilitate the complex and demanding jobs of today’s executives.​​

Course Description

CBUS 101 Introduction to Business | 42 hrs

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to study many dimensions of the business system. Subjects covered include management and organization, human resource management, information for business decision- making, financial information, and business and its environment. 

CBUS 102 Business English | 42 hrs

The purpose of this course is to focus on the communication requirements of participants in business situations in order to project a professional image and avoid costly mistakes. Guided activities include problem-solving, information transfer tasks, role playing and transfers to participants’ work environments to develop confidence in applying common uses of language structures, business terminology, and expressions. 

CBUS 202 Office Procedures and Routines | 42 hrs

The purpose of this course is to present fundamental principles and successful practices for completing office work effectively and efficiently. Subjects covered include techniques for general secretarial duties, such as filing, information processing skills, preparing and publishing reports, handling mail and electronic messages, using effective telecommunication practices, making meeting arrangements, making travel arrangements, keeping company books and records, and maintaining good human relations proper etiquette. 

CBUS 203 Office Automation | 42 hrs

This course is intended to introduce students to computer office automation systems which are designed primarily to improve office productivity and efficiency. It focuses on topics like managing documents, electronic filing systems, electronic mail, maintaining calendars and appointments, and word processing using Microsoft Word (advanced features like manipulating tables, merging documents, using style, outline, footnotes, pictures) and spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel (advanced features like formulas, functions, charts, page setup, database management, filtering). 


The program consists of these four courses to be completed in two years.

To Register

To register, send all required documents to or pass by CEC's office.​​​​​

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