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Education and Youth Policy Research Program

Investing in education brings forth benefits to the nation as well as to the individual by yielding high socio-economic returns. Many studies have found that more schooling is associated with higher individual earnings and improved social welfare. The education sector within a nation state is seen as the platform for raising the skill level of workers, which ultimately leads to higher economic productivity. Education also enables individuals to become competent and responsible citizens. This is achieved by giving them an opportunity to acquire an understanding of the values they hold, an appreciation of what they mean to life, and better equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to make better decisions that would impact their lives. Therefore, investing in education has significant social benefits as much as it has economic returns to the individual and the society. It affects human well-being not only in directly increasing human qualities and skills for economic production and market exchange, but also in enlarging individual opportunity sets by giving people new possibilities to enrich their lives. The importance of education, at all its levels, is clearly reflected in the post 2015 sustainable development agenda, which emphasizes lifelong learning beyond the traditional school.

Given the significant role of education in society and the key role of youth in development, the program on Education and Youth Research is well positioned to address issues of youth and education in the Arab world with the aim of informing policy for improved education achievement and for addressing youth issues as they relate to education and employment.



The Education and Youth Policy Research program at the AUB Policy Institute aims at informing educational policy and promoting improved educational practices and achievement through an increased understanding of the issues of education in the Arab world and their impact on children and youth in the region.
The program further aims at engaging in applied, policy-relevant research to help policymakers make decisions based on best available information. The program will serve as a resource for government agencies and other institutions in order to shape the education and youth policy debate through evidence.
The mission of the Education and Youth Program will be accomplished by:

  • Collaborating with AUB faculty members on policy-relevant research
  • Producing and disseminating original research
  • Providing the tools and resources to utilize research for informed policy-making and improved practice
  • Working in collaboration with institutions of common focus


Cyrine Saab, Research Assistant
Ext. 3326 ||| Email:

Maya Maddah, Research Assistant
Ext: 3396 ||| Email:

Nour Zeidan, Research Assistant
Ext: 4448 ||| Email:

Sara Abdellatif, Research Assistant
Ext: 3237 ||| Email:

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