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Energy Policy and Security in the Middle East
The Energy Policy and Security in the Middle East Program at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs was launched in 2016 as a Middle East-based, interdisciplinary, platform to examine, inform and impact energy and security policies, regionally and globally. The Program closely monitors the challenges and opportunities of the shift towards alternative energy sources with a focus on nuclear power and the Middle East. The Program has been established with a seed grant support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to investigate the prospects of nuclear power in the Middle East and its potential to promote regional cooperation as a way to address the security concerns associated with the spread of nuclear power.

  • Establish rigorous and technically informed research on issues on the borderline between energy policy and security, with a focus on the role of nuclear power in the Middle East;
  • Examine the potential for cross-border energy initiatives and projects to promote cooperation and trust between states in the Middle East;
  • Derive research-based policy tools and analyses to inform decision-making on energy issues, particularly on the economics of energy;
  • Maximize the Issam Fares Institute‚Äôs impact within the energy policy realm through presenting robust research in accessible forms such as policy reports and public events.

Dr. Ali Ahmad discussing the new Energy Policy and Security Program

Main Contacts

Ali Ahmad, Program Director
Ext. 4158 ||| Email:

Lory Kantargian, Research Assistant
Ext: 3395 ||| Email:

Marc Ayoub, Research Assistant
Ext: 4153 ||| Email:
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