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  • ​​​​December 1-2, 2016 eAge
    H.E. Boutros Harb opens eAge2016 Conference at AUB
    Read more about eAge conference in the news
  • December 1-2, 2016 Aroqa 8th Annual Conference
  • October 15, 2016 - Agile Tour
  • June 14, 2016 - Security Alert: Ransomware attacks on the rise
  • June 1, 2016 - HPC upgrade project has been completed successfully
  • April 1, 2016 -IT Hulks made it to the Semifinals AUB Basketball Tournament
  • March 24, 2016 - Security Alert: Ransomware attacks on the rise
  • March 23, 2016 - Expanding AUB's research network: Unveiling IT-GEANT Agreement 
  • February 12 and 13, 2016 - Sixth International Conference on Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education - Conference hashtag: #ETLHE2016
  • January 28, 2016 - IT increasing disk storage capacity on some of its servers
  • November 21, 2015 - IT hosted #Play 14
  • November 14, 2015 - IT hosted the Experts Talk - The Changing IT Playground
  • October 17, 2015 - IT hosted Agile Tour Beirut 2015 conference
  • September 18, 2015 - Network Upgrade - Planned Maintenances
    As part of the Network Upgrade project, the IT Department is proceeding with the migration of the core network components hosted at AUBMC’s data centers.
  • September 1, 2015 - Message of the CIO to AUB students
    With the beginning of a new academic year, Dr. Yousif Asfour welcomes students back to AUB and updates them on the major upcoming IT projects
  • August 2015 - Chukri Soueidi publishes a book 
    We are pleased to announce the publishing of the book of our colleague at IT Chukri Soueidi. We would also like to congratulate him for receiving the Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) award. The MVP is an annual award that recognizes exceptional technology community leaders worldwide and Chukri has been receiving it for the last two years for his contributions to the technical communities of Visual C# and .NET.
  • August 4, 2015 - Progress Report - Upgrades to the Network
    The Office of Information Technology embarked on the network upgrade program. When complete, AUB will have a new network infrastructure that will provide better reliability and faster performance. The upgrade program will require approximately three years along three parallel tracks: upgrading the core infrastructure, enhancing wireless coverage, and improving internet performance.
  • May 7, 2015 - AUB students get Microsoft Office for free
    Thanks to AUB’s agreement with Microsoft, AUB students can now have access to free copies of Office 365 ProPlus. They can now download and install, for free the original versions of:
    ● Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows 7 or Windows 8, or 
    ● Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac OS X 10.8 or 10.9 
    Students will be able to download Office on up to 10 devices (five computers and soon five mobile devices: Apple, Android and Windows).
  • February, 2015 Core Network Project Kicks off
  • September 15, 2014 - Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) project kicks off
    The project that will automate and streamline the maintenance and management processes for the AUB and AUBMC assets. The implementation will initially target assets owned by AUB Physical Plant, AUBMC Plant Engineering and AUBMC Medical Engineering departments;
  • September 14, 2014 - Banner Systems upgrade
    Banner systems were upgraded to the following versions: Banner Advancement 8.7.1 -- Banner Accounts Receivable module 8.4.5 -- Banner Financial Aid (Federal) 8.20.1 -- Banner General Module 8.6.4 -- Banner Student System 8.6.5 -- Advancement Self-Service 8.8.1 -- Web General 8.6.2 -- Faculty and Advisors Self-Service 8.6 -- Financial Aid Self-Service 8.20.1 -- Student Self-Service 8.6
  • September 8, 2014 - AUB Welcomes Dr. Yousif Asfour as Chief Information Officer
    Dr. Asfour is a seasoned technology executive and CIO with more than 25 years of experience in the U.S. and Middle East. Most recently, he was with New York University as their Associate Vice President for Global Technology Services and was previously CIO for NYU-Abu Dhabi. He has also held executive leadership positions with a number of U.S.-based technology companies.
  • August 25, 2014 – Moodle Upgrade
    A new theme based on bootstrap responsive framework with enhanced features for the learning management system Moodle was implemented. One of the newly available features is the ability for graders to save their comments directly on students PDF submissions.
  • August 21, 2014 – Oracle eBS Post Implementation Review (PIR)
    The PIR exercise is a 360 degree review and assessment of the health, user satisfaction and effectiveness of the Oracle EBS system after two years in production, with the aim to strengthen the long term system stability and user serviceability, to determine to what extent the change has been successful, and to identify opportunities for more improvement. A significant amount of improvements in the various modules were identified, however overall positive results were observed with respect to the implementation

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