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Functions of the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC)

  • Pre-award Functions

    Pre-award functions of the Office include all the stages from finding and disseminating funding sources, to the preparation of research applications and budgets, to negotiating and preparing research agreements, to the submission of proposals to funding agencies.

    The Office is also responsible for either drafting or signing usual awards as well as other types of agreements such as memorandum of understandings, collaborative agreements, partnership agreements, consultation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and material transfer agreements.

    Some of the pre-award functions of the Office include:

    • Funding Opportunities Provides help in identifying funding sources and disseminating regular reports on funding opportunities. 

    • Research Proposals - Assists faculty members in preparation of proposals and budgets by clarifying funder's submission procedures and guidelines, as well as AUB policies.

    • Proposal Review - Reviews research proposals before submission and makes appropriate recommendations to the Provost for approval. Proposals are reviewed for conformance to University Policies as well as sponsor guidelines.

    • Proposal Submission and Follow-up - Formally transmits proposals to funding agencies and follows up on their status after submission.

    • Research Agreements and Sub-Agreements - The Office has been delegated the authority to sign sponsored research agreements on behalf of the University. The Office negotiates, prepares, reviews and signs research contracts, agreements, sub-agreements between AUB and funding agencies or outside entities.

    • External Relations with Funding Agencies - Develops contacts with funding agencies and secures information on funding sources and opportunities.

    • Compliance and Regulations - Continually updates information on compliance regulations, policies and procedures.

  • Post-Award (Grant Administration)

    Post-award functions of the Office include the preparation of subcontracts or sub-recipient agreements and the administration of grants including the preparation of renewals, requesting cost and no cost extensions, following up on and submission of reports, and closing out of projects.
    Some of the post-award functions include:

    • Grant Agreements - Reviews the conditions and terms of the grant awards or agreements and disseminates the information to the Faculty member holding the award and to all other support departments.

    • Project Set-up and Project Guidance Coordinates with principal investigators on setting up budgets and establishing accounts for their projects. Provides advice and guidance about compliance policies and procedures, as well as clarifies administrative and financial regulations and requirements for project directors and staff.

    • Grant Administration - Acts as the official liaison between AUB (the PI) and the funding agency on administrative and financial queries. Monitors sponsored projects for compliance with sponsor terms and conditions and University policies, and handles financial and administrative queries and matters including budget modifications, budget re-allocations, no-cost extensions, renewals, and reporting.

    • Relations with Sponsor Agencies - Develops and maintains positive and effective contacts with funding agencies, and handles correspondence with them on various administrative aspects of the grant as well as reporting.

    • Closing out of Grants Insures timely submission of final project reports to funding agencies and coordinates audits with principal investigators, the relevant faculty, and the Office of the Comptroller.

  • Technology Transfer

    • Intellectual Property - Prepares drafts and updates intellectual property policies and procedures.

    • Development of Technology - Encourages technology development at AUB.

    • Technology Transfer - Assists faculty members in transferring technology to industry and others for the public benefit.
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