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AUB Nature Conservation Center


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   ​​​Integrative Health                     

About Us  
The American University of Beirut – Nature Conservation Center (AUB-NCC) is an interdisciplinary academic research center which strives to provide an open and collaborative platform based on research, education, community outreach, and knowledge dissemination. 

As the only academic center in the region that collects, identifies, and catalogues species, creates databases, and researches the nutritional, medicinal, and traditional applications of endemic species, NCC hopes to continue its work and fulfill its vision of establishing the center as a recognized reference. 

In addition to the research it produces, NCC is an approachable authority on community outreach and development, working on many different projects, a few examples are:
- Daskara,” a digital platform to celebrate Lebanon’s rich natural and cultural assets while establishing resilient relationships with local communities, travelers, and both public and private entities. 
- Creating an adaptive citizen science framework that exemplifies the university-community collaboration process, and has been developed and tested on issues around water and solid waste in various communities.
- Designing and applying a reforestation program, which embodies sustainability by enabling entities and groups to become the beneficiaries and guardians of an ‘adopted forest’ 
- Leading the region’s first integrative health program, which intersects modern medicine with local holistic approaches while focusing on the importance of a new method which views people as whole beings rather than just patients.

NCC’s goals for the upcoming years is to disseminate knowledge, expand research, and help people become guardians of their nature.


                 Orchis morio albiflora

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